So I was excited to start on my sweater for NaKniSweMo – I had planned on doing the Minimalist Cardigan – I had the yarn in my stash I wanted to use (Cascade 220) & I actually like doing moss stitch. I decided to swatch on Halloween, as Id had finished my other projects…and I HATED how the yarn looked in moss stitch. Couldn’t bear to knit it. I decided to scroll through Ravelry for some ideas (I know everyone says it, but I adore Ravelry – it’s everything I need in one place that I used to just google.) In any case, I looked at a bunch of different ones…and I then came across Mr Greenjeans. When I first saw it in the issue of Knitty, I thought it was cute but as I was working on the Central Park Hoodie, I didn’t think too much about it. But now…I really like it. And it’s top down in the round & my yarn works perfectly for it.

I love how it’s turning out…I’ve gotten all the way to split the sleeves – it’s going really quick. Of course I knit nonstop all day on Thursday & Saturday, which might explain it.

I think I’ll get this done. 🙂

While I worked on this on Saturday, CoffeeBoy had his own project.

Yes, that used to be our dining room. We’re ripping the wall down & opening it up to the living room…we hope.

Notice I didn’t work on the sweater on Friday? Okay, I did a little…but I actually had a job! Not in retail! A one day temp job, but still, it’s a start. I enjoyed it, to be honest…it was easy (slow day) & I was just answering the phones. Pretty much all day, I surfed the internet (couldn’t get read the Ravelry forums though, which was odd) & knitted on the never ending Monkey Socks. I felt a little bad because I did want to do more, but there was nothing for me to do – in fact the phone rang only like 6 times after lunch. In any case, I do hope I get more jobs in such a great place – the folks were super nice and I had a great view of Boston out the picture window next to the desk.

Can’t complain about that.

I feel bad that I’m 2 weeks late in mentioning this, but if you are ever in Salem MA, you absolutely must go to Seed Stitch.  I loved this place so much.  The guys were excited for a place to sit down while my best friend & I wandered around and had the most wonderful conversation with the gentleman working there (he was from the same place I was born in – Santa Maria Valley CA).  They had a beautiful selection, good prices, open & airy shop.  I wish I could have bought much more than the dpt needles I picked up – I didn’t have the time, as the guys were a bit antsy.  Not to mention not too much money.  But I highly recommend it – I need to convince CB to go there again, or maybe I’ll just take the train over.

Today we are off to a couple of friends house to watch the Patriots game.  Football really has no interest for me, although I sorta wish it did, as the 2 teams I’m most connected to (University of Oregon Ducks and the New England Patriots) are doing really well.  I just don’t find it very exciting to watch, unlike baseball.  While CB watches his games on the weekend, I end up ignoring it while on the internet or watching a movie on my computer.  I let him tell me anything that is going on though.  In any case, I’m trying to decide what to bring to knit on…I would say the Monkey socks, but that takes too much of my concentration (which is why they are good for commuting) so maybe another pair of socks.  Or maybe I’ll start a scarf – I was thinking the Montego Bay scarf from IK with my STR Silkie (all Ravelry links – I think most of my regular readers are on Ravelry anyway).  I know way back when I was in Portland, Zuma had a gorgeous one going.  So maybe I’ll just go with that.

I haven’t been updating as much as I used to…which is funny as I don’t work very much but knit a lot.  Hmmm.