Little known geek fact: I have, in the past, collected Nightmare Before Christmas stuff. Not as much anymore, but I still am obsessed with the movie – in fact I saw it last Friday with my best friend (whom I saw it with originally back when it was first released!) and her husband. The 3-D part was fun, although it was very very very difficult not to sing along. I love the music more than anything. Well maybe not Zero. And the Vampires.

So…Knitting. Today is actually suppose to be WiP Wednesday. But, I’ve actually finished everything I’ve worked on this week – well, except the dishcloth I started at the movie but I don’t think that’s interesting enough to take a picture of.

Both are fingerless gloves & neither are for me.

Extra Long Fetching

Started: October 25

Completed: October 28

Yarn: Lion Cashmere Blend, a little less than 2 balls

Pattern: the famous Fetching from Knitty

Needles: 6US dpts

Notes: These are not for me, and I’m actually a little sad about it, they are much nicer than the Fetching I made last year – which I still wear but they are pretty beat up. Mostly because I added two extra cable rows to make them a bit longer – I hate how short my other ones are. I do really like this yarn – it’s squishy but made a really nice fabric on 6s, much better, in my opinion than the Debbie Bliss stuff. They will probably pill like crazy but hopefully the person who ends up with these will not mind.

Then, after a year of living together, I finally finished something for the CoffeeBoy.

(yes, that’s me in the picture in case you were wondering)

CoffeeBoy Knucks

Started: October 28

Completed: October 31st

Yarn: Ultra Alpaca by Berroco

Pattern: the famous Knucks from Knitty

Needles: 4US dpts

Notes: Okay I love these. In fact, after I finished the first one, I made CB try it on & asked him, very seriously, if he was going to wear them. He’s not big on the knitted items (yes, I know, why am I with him – he just doesn’t wear hats or scarves and has little interest in sweaters) and if he was only going to take them “to be nice” I wanted to know so I could just keep them for myself. He tried it on & liked it – he told me they are much better than his other ones & he would definitely wear them all the time. So I finished the other & will have to give them to him tonight. Sigh. In any case, the yarn is perfect for them – dense & warm – although I’m not fond of the little hairs that stick out (the alpaca maybe?). I pretty much followed the pattern – although since I was using a heavier gauge yarn I went with the “women”‘s size for the stitch count but used the “man”‘s size for the length. I also, obviously, left off the designs. The pattern was fun, though kind of a pain connecting all the fingers together. So I will have to make a pair for myself now.

(please, no more photos)

Next up is the minimalist cardigan…although I’m still working out what I want to do differently. Hmmm…

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! Mine is pretty uneventful…we’ve both been fighting colds so we’re staying in & handing out candy – this will be the first time I’ve ever handed out candy at my own place, last year I was out & before that I was in apartments. So should be interesting. I even carved a pumpkin to set in the window! And I will insist on taking over the TV tonight because I have become incredibly addicted to Pushing Daisies. This is exactly the kind of TV show I love – dark humor, weird, quirky, fun – and I’ve recently caught up with all the episodes. And yes, the knitting thing is really hysterical as well. But I especially love that Jim Dale is the narrator – in fact, when I started up the first episode, I totally thought I had accidentally started playing one of the Harry Potter audio books since I was watching it on my computer. Heh.