…were not these.  The BoSox however, did rock…favourite part of last night’s game?  Papelbon picking off the runner at first who nearly beamed him with a ball 5 minutes before.  Ha!

Anyway, I finished the Sox project:


Red Sox Anklets

Started: October 24th

Finished: October 25th (during the 9th inning even)

Yarn: Lion Cashmere Blend (red), little over one ball;  small amount of  Cascade 220 (white)

Pattern:  1 inch of ribbing, 1 inch of st for cuff, short row heel, contrast toe.

Needles: Size 6US

Notes:  These are not going to be worn all that much except for watching tv – I should have gone down a needles size.  I ended up doing just 2 inch cuffs because I decided, after I had started them, that I really wanted to use the rest of the cashmere blend for some gifts.  Anyway, they were fun, one day I’ll actually make a pair for real red socks.

Yesterday’s job interview at the temp agency seemed to go well – I scored above average on the office tests & I filled out the paperwork so I guess I’m “hired”….let’s just hope they can find something for me.  They seem like a great company though, so I do hope it works out.

Feeling pretty happy about the possibility of getting a job, I wandered down to Windsor Button for a treat.  I haven’t bought yarn in so long (well, from a store, since I did buy that Panache a week or so back).  So I spent a long time thinking about Christmas gifts, wandering the isles, picking up stuff & putting back (where it belongs I might add…I used to work in retail after all!)

I ended up with some lovely Ultra Alpaca for some fingerless gloves for CoffeeBoy (although they probably won’t be a Christmas gift)

Since I’ve been lacking in the YP, here’s a nice closeup for y’all.

And I picked up an extra skein of Cascade 220 for edging on the Minimalist Cardigan…although when I came back, I realized I had a better one.  Ah well, you can never have too much Cascade 220.

Will this be a sweater by the end of November?  Stay tuned!