I haven’t been around the past couple of days…getting back to people & leaving comments. I fell into a bit of a funk – just homesick I think. I miss Portland & my friends & family out there and sometimes it’s hard living here, so different than what I am used to. And I love CoffeeBoy, but sometimes it’s hard having to rely on him to take me anywhere I want to go – I miss my car! So I pretty much just sat around & knitted (& frogged the sock I started…I don’t know what I was thinking) and just stared at the Ravelry radar – which is a bad addiction, it’s so hypnotizing.

Things are better now…I got my butt in gear & updated my resume and now I have an appointment at a temp agency that my best friend here used. I’m just looking for something to do part-time so I can take some classes – and no retail! Plus having that extra yarn money will be nice 🙂 (and, I suppose, bill paying, but I prefer to think of it as yarn money). And I got a library card yesterday, which makes me happy – it’s weird not being around books after doing it for years.

I finished a little FO a couple of days ago:

Mmmalabrigo Hat

Started: October 20th

Completed: October 22nd

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted, Velvet Grape

Pattern: Ribbed brim, & waffle stitch (inspired by Thermal) for the rest.

Needles: Size 6US & 8US circular & dpts

Notes: This hat was started multiple times. First, it was going to be Koolhaas from the newest IK, but I screwed it up and then I realized that the colour pretty much obscured the stitch pattern so it was frogged. Then it was going to be Foliage, but I wanted to work on it on the car ride to Salem & I didn’t have the pattern printed out. Finally, I just decided to play with the waffle stitch, trying to decided I could handle a whole sweater of it (yes, I think so) and this what came out. I like it, but it’s a bit bigger than I like but super warm – too bad it’s not cold enough to wear at the moment. And the colour….oh my, I love the deep purples – the second picture shows it better. And of course, Malabrigo is so lovely & soft.

I also finished that secret blue seed stitch project…Ravelry people can see details here, but I don’t want to take any other pictures, as nosey family members check out my flickr pages a lot.

Otherwise, I haven’t really had any other WiPs this week – I didn’t work on the Monkey Socks (although I will tomorrow, as I’m headed into Boston) and frogged the other things I started. I haven’t completely decided on what sweater to make in November…I’m leaning more towards the Minimalist Cardigan but I’m afraid I’ll be short on yardage. Hmmmm..more planning is needed…

I do have my World Series knitting ready to go tonight:

Go Sox!