Instead of going to Rhinebeck (sob!) CoffeeBoy & I had a lazy Saturday. He watched football all day (until I made him turn it to the Sox game – go Sox!) and I finished up the Chocolate Cherry Socks

Chocolate Cherry Socks

Started: August 19th

Completed October 20th

Yarn: Zen Sting Serendipity sport in Chocolat Cherise

Pattern: Broad Spiral Ribbing (from Sensational Knitted Socks) on cuff & foot, basic heel flap & toe

Needles: Size 4US Crystal Palace 6 inch birch – my faves.

Notes: These turned out a little small for me so they are being gifted to…someone.

I wasn’t concerned (obviously) about having completely matching socks. I love the ribbing on it (a little stretched on my big feet), I used this for my Sockapalooza Pal Socks (whom I never heard from, so maybe she didn’t like them. Sad. 😦 ) and when I started these at my moms, I didn’t have my stitch dictionary with me so I just used the stitch pattern again.

And the yarn…lovely lovely lovely. I think I should have gone down a size in the needles though – these are very loose, but for who they are for, they’ll be fine. So now to wash them & store them until they are gifted!

Today we are headed to Salem with friends (now the proud owner of Kitty) – I love Salem & it’ll be fun to be there for Halloween time! But it’s so warm out – 70 degrees? In October? After everyone warned me how cold it is out here? – so CPH will not be worn. Then it’s home again to root on the Sox! I’ve always loved baseball but even more so this year as the World Series could be the two teams I root for (the Rockies – CB is from CO and of course, the Sox) While I find football really boring – honestly, yesterday I ignored the TV & watched the Ravelry radar all day – I love watching baseball.

I’m also trying to decide what to cast on for NaKniSweMo – yep, I’m taking part this year. I’ve narrowed down the yarn to two choices – Cascade 220 or KnitPicks Merino Style (Ravelry links). I’m thinking the 220 might be the Minimalist Cardigan from the Fall IK. As for Merino Style…I might play around with Thermal from Knitty – wrong gauge but I love the neckline & the style. So I’d have to play around with the numbers. Hmmmm…

Of course, what I should be working on is Christmas gifts…