…gift knitting.  So I may not go into too much detail on certain projects.

But first of all THANK YOU for all your nice comments on my CPH!  I am very pleased with it & have been wearing it pretty much nonstop since I finished it.  I do love it.  I’ll be wearing it this weekend too…there is the smallest chance I might be going to Rhinebeck on Saturday, CoffeeBoy made a mention of maybe taking a drive so if it’s nice, I might be able to convince him to see the foliage in NY.  I’ll let everyone know for sure.

Okay…knitting.  First of all, I made a kitty yesterday.


Started & Finished: October 16th (about 3 hours)

Pattern: Knitted Kitty

Yarn:  Cascade 220 (white) & Mission Falls 1824 (black) – small amount of each

Needles:  Size 6US

Notes:  I made this little guy for a friend who wants a cat (and really loves my cat) but is unable to get one at the moment.  I’m not completely happy about how he turned out – I don’t think I understood the body construction.  Ah well, he’s still pretty cute & took no time or yarn to make so I may make another one for him.  I was going to add a face, but I think he’s pretty cute like this.

 And now for WiP Wednesday.  Nothing is exciting me like the CPH, but I have been working on several projects:

Finished the first Monkey sock that I started, oh weeks ago.  I finished this while doing laundry at the local laundromat – we STILL haven’t gotten our washer & dryer (have I mentioned how much I hate a certain department store that starts with a “S”?  Grrrrr).  Anyway, I do love working on this, but as it’s for me, it’s pretty much only worked on when I’m out & about.

This little slice of heaven is something I’m not going to talk about too much but it’s been lovely to knit as it is the now (sadly!) discontinued KnitPicks Panache (Ravelry link). I have a $25 gift certificate to KnitPicks (given by the lovely Sarah as a going away present) that I had planned on using to get some Panache for gifts but was waiting until I was settled here.  Then they discontinued it!  Luckily, the fabulous stitchywitch (the fastest darn knitter I’ve ever seen) was doing a stash sale & I got 5 balls of it from her (thanks!).  Anyway – baby alpaca, cashmere, silk, & merino….yum! Darn KnitPicks.  Also, this is more a navy blue rather than the bright that showed up when I took a picture.

Yep, it’s a Woodin.  I didn’t felt him very much, (and white doesn’t felt too well anyway) & his eyes are too big but, like Kitty, it only took a little time to make.  I plan on making better ones, maybe in different colours.  I just realized I didn’t make his tail….oops.

Today I’m off on an adventure in downtown Lowell…I figured since I explored parts of Boston, I should really explore the town I live in!  And I’m sure it will involve some yarnsploring…