(the title will make more sense at the end of the post.)

Yesterday I had a very busy day. I decided to take the train into Boston & do some yarnsploring. I haven’t been in a yarn shop in weeks – I think I just needed to fondle some new yarn.

After meeting my best friend for lunch (at Mela again), I navigated (by myself!) my way to Windsor Button.

Such a lovely shop…so many different yarns! I was very tempted by many of them, but ended up not getting anything…I will keep this place in mind for future projects…pretty much anything I want is there & at a decent price. I was very tempted by some Claudia Handpainted sock yarn…but really, I have plenty. By the way, everyone (nonknitters) who saw my yarn stash on display said “wow you have a lot of yarn.” Ha. CB is still convinced I didn’t have all that in Portland…no dear, I just hid it really well.

Next I traveled to Brookline. This was my first time out on the Green Line…I think I found my way pretty well. In fact, a couple of tourists asked me for directions! I guess I look like Boston girl. (And honestly, it’s not that difficult, just read the damn map. That’s what I did.)

A Good Yarn is a lovely little shop right off the green line. Similar yarns to Windsor, but a little more variety. I was confused by the sale yarns though, there were no prices on bags. Are they sold by the bag? I actually was too shy to ask, and there wasn’t anything that caught my eye anyway. Funny enough, even though I was at Windsor Button, I ended up getting buttons for my Central Park Hoodie at AGY.

Aren’t they cute? I really liked the dragons. I also pickd up the new Interweave Knits.
By then, it was getting late so I left to navigate my way to Framingham to meet CoffeeBoy. South Station freaked me out a little bit, but the train ride was very nice (both commuter rail rides were lovely actually – I got some knititng done on the Monkey Socks, since I haven’t picked them up in months. And both rides ended up being free…no one came for my ticket!)

After CoffeeBoy finally found me, we headed to CT to meet up with friends and see…

The Violent Femmes! They were so much fun! A little weird to see them in a casino, but they put on a good show, played all their old hits (hence the title, my favourite song).

We got there late, so we had to stand outside the arena, but it was small & we could see & hear just fine. It was free anyway.

After the show, we hung out at the casino (I lost $30 on slots, CB lost $20, but our friend was up $60. Note to self, skip slots, stick to BlackJack.) for awhile & then made the long trek home (2 hours). I was exhausted at the end…but it was a very fun day.