Thanks to everyone who left such a nice comment…things really are much better.  I was just in a bad place for awhile, but the cooler weather & time to myself has helped.  Today is perfect fall weather…cool, crisp, & sunny.  So much better.

I, of course, knitted the entire roadtrip…but I ended up giving away several of the FOs before photographing them.  See, three days before we left Portland, CoffeeBoy mentioned “Oh, my friend in CO would really like a hat.”  So no big deal, I can do that.  But then I realized there are 2 other lovely ladies in that group of friends and I didn’t want to just give one.  So I made 2 hats on the road – a Snowball Hat from the last IK in the pink Cashmerino I bought a few weeks back and another Braided Cable Hat out of some Alpaca With A Twist Highlander I picked up – man I love that yarn.  It was a challenge, especially doing those cables in the dark, as my booklight bothered CB while we were driving.  I pretty much kept it off, only switching that or my iPod on once in awhile to figure out where I was.  They did turn out nice, luckily.  But, you say, that’s only 2.  Well, I didn’t have enough time for a third…so I gave away my original Braided Cable Hat I made a few days before.  I know it went to a good home, so I’m not fussed.  All the ladies seem to love them, and they’ll get good use in cold CO winters.

After we left CO, I pretty much worked on the Central Park Hoodie during the daytime part of the drive, but when darkness fell, it was too complicated to work on.  So I started a super simple hat for myself.

Simple Ribbed Hat

Started September  26

Finished September 29

Yarn: Malabrigo worsted, I think the colour is Twilight, but I’m not sure, the ball band is…somewhere.

Pattern: Simple 2×2 rib hat

Needles: Size 7US & 9US  16inch circs, size 9US dpts.

Notes:  This was about as easy as it gets….I CO 88 stitches, ribbed with smaller needles for 2 inches (I think – I’m not sure if I even paid that much attention), then switched to the larger needles until it was long enough, then decreased.  I only worked on this in the dark because it was so simple & kept my hands busy.  This will be a nice warm hat for myself…I love the Malabrigo!  I have enough for maybe a pair of Fetchings…we’ll see.

I have gotten a lot done on the CPH, but I’ll save that for WiP Wednesday.

Otherwise I’ve just been unpacking & organizing…and is anyone really surprised I unpacked my stash first?  I even put it on display in my craft room (yes I insisted on it – we have 3 bedrooms & a basement so I told CB he can have everything else for his projects.)

That’s a lot of it…but not all.  Luckily, much of this is for Christmas gifts…knitting from the stash, yah!