It’s been a helluva week.

We’ve been here in Lowell MA since last Sunday and in the house since Monday. While I’m happy to finally be here, it’s been a hard adjustment, not made any easier by little things that keep going wrong. First of all, it’s been HOT here – near 90 degrees this week, not something I wanted to deal with. Then we’ve been having problems with a certain department store that starts with a “S” – a place I will never deal with again. For instance, we went to get a bed last Monday…and they couldn’t deliver it until Saturday. Annoying, but we dealt with it. Then after sleeping on the floor all week, all I looked forward to was a bed…and they didn’t send the entire thing (missing a boxspring) and the mattress isn’t the one we wanted. Not to mention all the problems we have had with getting a washer & dryer from them. Never again.

I was in a bad bad place the past 2 days. Both CoffeeBoy & I are pretty stressed out, not made any easier by us being around each other 24/7 for 2 weeks. We both deal with stress differently and that stresses the other person out more.

But! I’m in a much better place today (helped, I think, by the cooler weather). I do like MA, but somethings are very different from the west coast, so the next few weeks are going to be getting used to my new home. I miss Portland terribly, but I’m trying to be more upbeat than I have been.

It helps that CB goes back to work tomorrow. Sometimes too much time together is stressful

Maybe it’s because I just haven’t been in a yarn store in 2 weeks? I haven’t been to the one here, there just hasn’t been a chance. I plan on going later this week, it’s within walking distance. Maybe that’ll help.

I finished several hats on my trip and am pretty close on my CPH…I’ll get some pictures taken so I’ll have a better post. I want to get back on my usual posting schedule.

This was just to let people know I’m not dead 🙂