At this place in any case.

Since I was at my mom’s all weekend, I’ve been behind on my blogging/message board reading. If you’ve left a comment or emailed me, I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you – I had very spotty internet access there. The family still has dial up & my computer really didn’t like it all that much. And I’m afraid my internet presence will not get any better until early October, as our internet at home will be shut down on Thursday. So apologies in advance.

My god, I can’t believe I leave Oregon in 3 days. ACK! so much to do!

But I put my internet-less time to good use while at mom’s. Since I didn’t want to drag out the CPH or work on a pair of sock, I decided to it was hat weekend – mostly for a wonderful charity set up by Trillian42 called Hats for Alex.

A Trio of Hats

Started: September 14

Completed: September 16

Yarn: 3 different ones for the hats. The green one is Cascade Cotton Rich – I lost the ballband though. It took the entire skein, including the not very fluffy pom pom. The pink & blue one is Araucania Patagonia Nature Cotton – again, I lost the ballband. It took about 75% of the skein. The brown one is Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton…and I lost that ballband too. I am a very bad knit blogger. Anyway, it took about half the skein & probably had the best pom pom.

Pattern: A basic hat pattern freebie flier I picked up at Ben Franklin. I gave it to my mom, but it was for a basic hat – it gave directions for all yarn weights & all hat sizes from premie to large adult. I made all of them for babies, with various yarn weights. My guess the pattern is put out by Red Heart, because that was all the suggested yarns.

Needles: (green) size 5US & 7US, (pink) size 6US & 8US, (brown) size 7US & 9US.

Notes: These were very fun to make & for such a good cause – although my youngest nephew kept asking why I wasn’t making him another hat (as I had last time I visited because it was too big for a baby). It was also a great way to try out some cotton & cotton blend yarns. For some reason I had it in my head that we weren’t suppose to use wool for allergy reasons but I think you can use superwash wool. Ah well, I wanted to play with the different cottons anyway.

The Cotton Rich one turned out the best, I think but the yarn I enjoyed working with the best was the Organic Cotton – it’s really soft & will definitely use for a larger project. I didn’t like the Patagonia at all – it’s that annoying think/thin yarn & a pain (literately!) to work with. It is cute, like the others, but I doubt I’ll get it again. I bought all 3 at Ben Franklin in Eugene and all were on sale so that was nice (the Patagonia was half off!)

I also bought my first pom pom maker. I decided to put them on all of them because they are darn cute.

I also finished a hat for myself.

The “I Love Cables” Hat

(I have shifty eyes.)

Started: September 11

Completed: September 16

Yarn: Lion Cashmere Blend, most of 2 balls

Pattern: A random one I found on RavelryBraided Hat. It’s on

Needles: US8 circular & dpt

Notes: I love cables.

Cables are fun! I need to make a sweater with cables…oh wait, I have two started. Sigh. Anyway, I loved the braided look of this pattern & decided it was perfect for the yarn. It was a fun knit & very quick. And a great hat to wear this winter.

So it was a nice weekend but I’m so tired – 4 kids and 6 dogs when I’m not used to it wears me out. And now I have to finish up packing.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post again before we take off!