It has been extremely warm here (95 degrees in September?  Seriously?) so the Central Park Hoodie had been set aside for a couple of days.  Today it feels a little cooler so I may bust it out…well I would if I didn’t have to finish packing since I’m going to see the family for the weekend & the movers are coming in a week.


But I have been knitting the last couple of days, mostly on CoffeeBoy’s sock.  Just finished the heel last night.


It looks so huge…but really his feet are only an inch or so bigger than mine.  While this pattern looks nice (it’s Widdershins), it has some very new elements to me (the cables, the heel) that I have to really concentrate on. (CoffeeBoy: “You look really frustrated.” Me: “This sock is driving me crazy!  You better wear these every single day for the rest of your life.” CoffeeBoy: silence)  The cables are really lovely though.

In milder sock news, I started the second sock for the Chocolate Cherry Socks:

 No SSS here!  Well actually, I needed to start something low maintenance for a knitting get together last night.

And for completely mindless knitting, I have yet another attempt at a market bag:

I’m almost out of the Sugar & Cream I’m using for it… and I can’t seem to find another one in navy so the bottom & handles may be a contrasting colour.  I’m making it up as I go along, we’ll see how it turns out.

As I mentioned, I got together with three lovely ladies last night for a spontaneous knit night (and I realize I’ve linked Christy in my last 3 posts. And she’s in my blogroll.  I’m not a stalker, I swear.)  We met at Twisted, which was convenient for me as it’s about 10 minutes away.  (Sorry, Jessica & Christy, who had longer drives) On the other hand Twisted is very dangerous. (Yes I bought more sock yarn.  Leave me alone.  You can see it on Friday).  Melissa pointed out the hidden area of buttons & I fell in love with this one.

It’s going to be…something (maybe booties?) for the baby niece.  How freaking cute is that sheep though?

And best of all, I got my shirt from Christy!

Love it.  I will wear it with pride.

Thanks for the nice night, ladies.  And hello to the others who were there…it was the Portland Knitters Meetup at Twisted last night as well…a couple of the women there looked familiar so if it was you…Hi!

The Twisted creature (a duck?) who watched over us.