While I should be packing (less than 2 weeks until we leave) I’ve been finding things to do besides that.

  • After the super sweet sale at Abundant, I stopped by Fred Meyers (for those not in the Northwest, it’s a chain of department stores – think a cross between Target & Walmart). I always look at yarn in these place, I’m not sure why as they carry yarn of the Lion/Red Heart. Now I’m not that much of a yarn snob but I do dislike Lion – I think the only Lion Brand yarn I’ve bought is the cotton since my early knititng days. Mostly because I’m not an acrylic fan & there are other better priced choices for their non-acrylic items. But somehow I managed to score some of their Cashmere blend on clearance…and then half off that. Which made them $4 each.

  • It’ll mostly be for Christmas gifts…but the gray might become a lovely hat for myself. I just couldn’t pass up that deal. I only bought the gray on Saturday but drove back out there on Sunday for the others. (after going to closer Freds to see if they had the same thing. They didn’t.) I wouldn’t use this yarn for a sweater, but it’s good for accessories. I also still have a lot of random CashSoft & Cashmerino from my ill fated Tubey. (the reason I won’t be using this to make any more sweaters), which is essentially the same thing.
  • I also bought a skein of Bernat’s Natural Cottons the size of my head at Jo-Ann’s.Β  No, really – 600+ yards of worsted weight cotton = size of my head.Β  Good for the Everlasting Bagstopper I plan on making with it though.Β  I intrigued by their bamboo natural blend they had there as well, but I restrained myself.
  • If you are moving, or just like to play with fun internet things, check out WalkScore – it gives you a score of how walkable items are from your address, as well as listing shops, bars, schools, & libraries nearby. Our new home in MA scored a 72, this place here is about 49, my old apt in the city was a 98. It’s not entirely accurate (at our new place, there’s a river in between a lot of the places it mentioned) but it gives you a good idea. I think I found this on the mental_floss blogs.
  • My blog reading has been changed forever by GoogleReader – especially the ‘next” feature under goodies since I go directly to the post instead of having to click through Bloglines. Good for leaving comments, as I’m trying to get better at that. The only downside is that it seems to take awhile for blog posts to show up – I posted about the Grass Guys at about 4pm on Saturday, but it didn’t show up in my reader until at least 11. Ah well. Turtlegirl & Rosi G both pointed this out on the Ravelry forums.
  • I finished one of the Chocolate Cherry Socks! The foot is a bit too short for me so it’s going to be a gift for…well, I’m not going to say here in case that person is reading. I also made a cheapo sock blocker from The Knitting Zone – I really want real ones (like these here!) but as I’m in between homes, I can’t really order anything – let me tell you it killed me to look at Zondra’s destashing sale!

Pay no attention to the baggy heels. They don’t look that baggy on an actual foot.

  • I did, however, make one online purchase – one of Christy‘s fabulous t-shirts. But that doesn’t need to be sent since she’s here in Portland. I should get it tomorrow – yah for knitting swag!

I do have some new things to post for WiP Wednesday…as it’s too hot here to work on the CPH.