Aww, look!

Now I know what you are thinking, if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile. “Why is she taking more pictures of the Grass Guy?”

Well he now has a brother:

My sister loved the original Grass Guy & wanted one for herself. I started it…oh way back in June. I finished the pieces that weekend…and forgot about them. Today I finally dug them out & finished him.

It’s pretty much the same stats as the last one – the pattern from Mochimochi, Cascade 220 for the body, random black yarn for the eyes. Grass Guy 2’s eyes are a little bigger & he ended up a little smaller (though you can’t really tell from the picture) because I felted him longer – perfect for my younger sister.

Today I also went to Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks…big mistake. Huge. They had a fun sale where you pick a candy bar out of a bag to see what extra discount you will get. Not only did I get my favourite chocolate (Special Dark – yum!), I got an extra 30% off. Eek! I can’t buy more yarn! I can barely fit what I have!. And, luckily, as it turned out, my debit card was not with me & I only had cash. So I picked up somethings for Christmas gifts – not going to say because I may have some nosey people looking in, but you can check out my stash at Ravelry if you are on there (since the giftees are not. Haha!).

One thing fell into my basket for myself though – darn that Christy for telling me they had Smooshy….

Ah well, I returned the favor and pushed it on to Missamite…