Back again on my regular posting schedule! I didn’t get a chance to post my WiP Wednesday last week – though I did show off my sock on the T – so I’m happy to get back into it.

First up – the CPH! I’m so happy to be working on this again.

I’m to the armholes on the back – it’s going pretty quickly. I’d love to be able to finish by the move, but I don’t think I’ll have that much time to work on it.

Here’s the back cable.

Working on this makes me feel very content – I love the yarn (Knit Picks Wool of the Andes – a lot of people haven’t liked working with it but I do!) , the stitch pattern, everything! I know I’m going to regret not doing the fronts & back all in one piece – I am terrible at sewing up, as the next wip will show.

This is my horrible rendition of Elsa’s Nest Tote. I hate it, I screwed up the sides, and the connected icord made the opening really small. I haven’t finished it – I need a handle – and this was going to be a gift but I think I might just make a different one for my friend, one in the round maybe.

Last but not least, my purse knitting – the Zen String socks.

I haven’t worked on this for a few days, as the DreamSwatch replaced the purse knitting for awhile. Still love it.

As for the living situation – we still haven’t nailed down a place. MA people, please stop buying the houses we like!

But I started my packing/organizing – here is all of my yarn in one place!

It kind of stresses me out having it all in these containers – what if I randomly want use something from my stash while we are in transit? What if I don’t pack interesting enough WiPs to work on? I won’t have my stash for at least 2 weeks!

I think I’m having separation issues.

I’m off to the eye doctor before my health insurance runs out! Finally getting contacts again – I’ve been wearing glasses for 2 years now, so it’ll be a nice change to be able to wear contacts again.

Oh, you may have noticed some changes to my template – I finally figured out I could make my own banner with a different template so I’m playing around with it. Right now, it’s a picture of the stormy sky I took awhile back…but I would like some kind of yarny banner. So there may be more changes coming!