Back in Oregon again with relief. I’m so bloody tired – I really hate flying & dealing with the time change. But the trip was great in so many ways – we think we found a place to live, after looking at houses/condos/townhouses for 3 days straight. We saw a lot of really awful places that were close to where we wanted to be and some gorgeous places that were not anywhere near we wanted to be. We settled on a townhouse in Dorchester, near Southie – it’s not the prettiest of the places we looked at but close to the freeway (for CoffeeBoy) and the transit (for me – I have no desire to drive in Boston). It’s near a lot of shops too, plus has a parking space (something I’m realizing is very important in Boston). Lots of things we can do to make it pretty – 3 bedrooms (that we plan on turing into 2 because they are small), nice windows, ugly carpet that we plan on ripping up as soon as possible so we can put down hardwood flooring. So wish us luck.

Typed too soon – the place is off the market 😦

Our second choice is in Lowell, a gorgeous condo in downtown. It’s a bit smaller & has no parking space but in a lovely historic area – across from the Quilting Museum!

How much fun would that be? I’m not a quilter but I love how they look. Anyway, this is our second choice because it is so far out of the city, but at least it’s also close to transit.

So we’ll see how it goes. We’re planning on leaving Sept 21st, spending a few days with CB’s family, then getting out to Boston by the 1st of October. So with only 3 weeks left, we need to start packing!

Today I’m taking a break though & trying to recover from the trip – it was lovely but I’ve gained at least 10 pounds from eating out, both excellent & bland and heck of a lot of Dunkin’ Doughnuts (wow, are they everywhere or what? I don’t even like doughnuts – yes I realize that makes me a weirdo in a lot of people’s eyes – but I did enjoy the coffee & breakfast sandwiches)

I also finished my airplane knitting.

Dream Swatch

Started: August 26th

Completed: Sept 2nd

Yarn: mysterious bamboo yarn – fairly certain it’s SWTC Bamboo – that I purchsed at BSG

Pattern: Dream Swatch Head Wrap by Wendy Bernard

Needles: Size 5US

Notes: I pretty much knit this entirely on the long plane rides to & from Boston – maybe a couple of repeats here & there while in Boston. I liked the pattern but it did start to make me crazy near the end (it could have also been the fact that I was sick of sitting on an airplane). It’s about 47 inches long, so it’ll be a nice head wrap for the person I’m going to be gifting it to – or else a nice little scarf.

These photos are in the blocking stage – very key to this pattern, though it lost a bit of the shine.

I do admit not all of my crosses are perfect – but for the most part I kept them under control. Since I’m gifting this one, I may need to make one for myself…but I’ll wait a bit for it.

Of course I didn’t finish any of my other WiPs on the trip – I brought all 3 socks I’m currently working on and pretty much only worked on the ZenString socks I started last week – I’ll do a proper WiP Wednesday with them this week. I’m also happy to work on the CPH this week…if it’s cool enough to deal with it.