This week I feel I’ve frogged more than I have knit – I nearly felt like I was losing my knitting mojo! I did have a super quick FO…but I can’t blog about it here. For Ravelry users, you can read about it here. (Sorry nonRavelry peeps, but it’s the only way I can keep it secret at this point).

First up, the Central Park Hoodie.

Yup, still the sleeves. This was the frogging portion of the week – I thought I was almost done with the sleeve caps (twice in fact) when I looked at them more closely. They seemed a little long…and then I reread the instructions. I was decreasing every 8 rows instead of 4. SIIIIIIIGH. I actually think I even scared CoffeeBoy because I started cursing & ripping out the knitting I had been working on for several days. I put it in the naughty corner & worked on the secret FO. Last night I picked it back up & I’m the decrease part of the cap again – this time done correctly. (I hope).

When I was at my moms, I realized I didn’t have anything for movie knitting – everything small I have (socks) were a bit complicated for knitting in the dark – I had to follow a pattern & be able to see my stitches. And my Chevron Scarf is getting a little long to tote around, which is probably why I haven’t worked on that either. So I grabbed my single skein of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton & decided to do another Panta.

Then halfway through Stardust, I realized that working with dark blue yarn on a pattern where (again) I need to see the stitches was not the wisest choice either. Especially when a lot of the movie was dark as well. So frogging again.

And I think I sent the yarn to the naughty corner at my moms because I can’t find that either.

So what do I do for mindless traveling knitting? I cast on another damn sock.

It’s with the Zen String I showed off a week & half back. And since I am, apparently, incapable of doing a plain garter stitch sock and I didn’t have any of my sock patterns with me at moms (and not really internet access), I went with the same stitch pattern as the Sockapalooza socks I made, the Broad Spiral Ribbing since I had it memorized already. So far it’s behaving like a good purse knitting project but with my knitting luck this week, it may sit in the naughty corner as well.

In other news, one of my favourite bloggers, the fabulous Melissa, gave me Rockin’ Girl Blogger award! I do want to find ladies who have not got it yet, so I’ll give out my awards in a later post. But thanks so much, Melissa! I wear it proudly on my sidebar.

I’ll leave you with my fun baking project – a Green Tea Cupcake from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. No, I’m not vegan, but I was so intrigued by the recipe. And it’s really yummy – while the frosting is very sweet, the cake part is not so it’s a good mix.