Yesterday was my last official day  of work, a place I have worked at for 6 years, a company I have been with for 9 years.  It feels very strange.  There are a lot of things I’ll miss.

Playing with the books in “my” sections.

I know you’re shocked that I set this display up

The cafe I still consider mine, I set it up & ran it for 2 years until, for various reasons, I stepped down from.

Playing with the cute toys in the kids section.


But most of all, I will miss seeing my friends on a daily basis, one of which made me an incredible cake for my last day.

Yes, those are knitting needles on the top, just for me.  Thank you Sarah.

I was going to list in great detail all the things I will not miss (certain coworkers, rude customers, management decisions) but I think I’ll keep it more positive.  My memories of Borders are more pleasant than not.

YPF will be posted later today, after I get over my hangover.