So I’m skipping the usual WiP Wednesday this week – mostly because the only thing I’ve worked on I’ve finished (I did work on the Monkey socks & Central Park Hoodie, but they look pretty much the same as other weeks) It’s been a bit of a crazy week – my last week at work, my GBF unexpectedly in town (I wish he would have let me know awhile ago, I would have put my notice in for last week!) and general life things – figuring out the move, etc. So I’m really behind on my blog reading & comment responding so I hope you will forgive me.

I did finished the Baby M Cardi in between all the nuttiness.

Baby M. Cardi

Started August 6th

Completed August 13th

Yarn: Blue SkyAlpaca’s Dyed Cotton, Red, 2 skeins

Pattern: Raglan Sleeve Easy Baby Sweater, large size.

Needles: Size 7US & 9US circular & dpts.

Notes: This was the first baby garment I’ve made – I’ve made hats & bags for my nieces & nephews but when I picked up this cotton, I new it had to be a baby sweater for my adorable baby niece. It turned out really well I think, although it’s going to be a bit big for her for awhile – I made the largest size (year old) and went up a needles size so she would be able to wear it for awhile. However, she is very small for her age so I wonder if she will even be able to wear it before next spring.

She such a cutie though.

I found this pattern on Ravelry, just for a basic idea of stitch count and it is super easy if you’ve ever made a sweater in the round before. I did change the needle size & instead of a reverse garter stitch on the edging, I went with my prefered seed stitch. I love how that looks.

I will hopefully have some modeled shots this weekend, as it is her birthday & I’m going down to visit the family (Stardust with mom on Saturday, birthday party on Sunday.) Then CoffeeBoy & I fly out Aug 27 to Boston for a week – he’ll be working a couple of days and we’re both looking for a place to live. I’m excited to see my oldest friend (I’ve known her 15 years!) and explore my new city. But busy days – even without working, I’ll be on the go – hopefully with some time to knit!