The unofficial motto of Portland is “Keep Portland Weird”.  As it draws closer & closer to the time when I leave this lovely city for at least a couple of years, I have been thinking about my favourite Portland things.  There are many, but near the top of the list is this:

These hang in the parking garage I always park in when I drive downtown – and even before I lived here I would park in this garage (so I would know where to find my car!).  As far as I know, the 3rd & Morrison SmartPark is the only place these fish live.  And it’s my goal to find out WHY ARE THERE FISH HANGING IN THE GARAGE?  They’ve been there for at least 15 years.

All of the fish have different designs on them.

Excuse the darkness, but I was, after all, in a parking garage.

 That last one is my favourite.

So any PDXers know why these are here?  I’m dying of curiousity.

Sorry, knitters, that’s 2 posts in a row without knitting content…I do have a FO blocking though…