…because of my current WiPs this week. Not because I’m particularly angry about anything but they all are red. I’m not sure how that happened – I know for the longest time I didn’t have any red clothing because my hair was always some combination of purply/burgandy/reddish – colours that would not look good with red clothing. When I went back to my (mostly) natural colour of blondish/brown, I started going crazy with the red. I haven’t made any garments really with red (except for the Broken Heart Picovoli, but it’s more of a pinkish red) so this is a nice change.

Actually I see these reds as love because I’m enjoying my projects – worsted weight is my friend when I need to see some progress.

First up, Central Park Hoodie.

Nearly done with the sleeves…Acutally if I was following the pattern, I could start shaping the caps at this point but as I have freakishly long arms, I’m adding 2 inches to the length. I love the cables on the sleeves – man, I think this is going to be a favourite FO of mine, I’m loving it so much already.

I also got a new knitting bag this week – for $5!

While the colours aren’t usually ones I’d pick out, you can’t beat $5 for a nice big tote bag – I put all of my CPH yarn, needles, patten, & notions in it & there’s still plenty of room. You can get these at Borders if anyone is interested.

Next a new WiP. My adorable niece is turning 1 next week so I thought I’d make her a little sweater out of the Blue Sky Cotton I picked up at Lint durring their clearence.

Wow, I really love working with this yarn – I can see why people are in rapture over it for their Tomatos. So soft & easy to work with. It’s just a top down cardigan – I’m using this pattern for the template but I’m doing seed stitch for the border & went up a needle size so she’ll be able to wear it for awhile. I love top down sweaters – there’s something almost magical about seperating the sleeves – suddenly it looks like something! I always get a little thrill when I get to dividing row – yes I’m a dork.

I also worked on the Chevron scarf a bit – while at the Knit Movie night last week & when CoffeeBoy & I saw the Simpsons on Saturday (“I lost at tic-tac-toe to a chicken”) but I really don’t want to take another wip picture of it – it looks the same as last week, maybe a couple of inches longer.

Speaking of knit nights – I’ve had so much fun at the one’s I’ve attended this week. Last night was at Mabel‘s and was several groups at once – Knittyheads, Ravelry, and I think the yahoo group as well. There was about a dozen people, and it was so nice to see everyone – hanging out with the Knitties again (Helen, Melody, Kate, and Melissa & hubby) and meeting new people (Jessica (finally!), Fyberduck, and Aimee & adorable daughter). There were several other people at the other end of the table who I didn’t meet but still – lots of noisy chattering. Good times. I love Mabel’s too – so cute & cozy and some lovely yarns – I was good last night & didn’t buy anything, although I try to buy something everytime I’m at a knit night – it just seems like I should. Last week at Twisted I got some yarn I’ll show off on YPF and last night I just picked up some dpts for the sleeves of the Baby M sweater and new Interweave Knits. Although I realized that I always buy IK but I’ve never actually made anything from them – oh wait, I did make the cabled headband. Whew! Mostly I just get it for inspiration I guess.

Oh and Zuma? We missed you!

It’s just a little sad that I found a knit group I love but I’m leaving in a few weeks. That always seems to happen right before I move. We still don’t know exactly when we are moving, but I’m hoping for the end of Sept…so I can go to Oregon Flock & Fiber! Heh.