I love socks.  I love handknit socks.  I espeicially love them when someone makes them for me!

These are my socks from my fabulous Sockapalooza pal!  They came quickly – all the way from Germany!  I love these socks so much – the colour, the style (shorter cuffs) and the cute little picot edging.

 She even put my initials on them.  It’s really hard to photograph though, but there is a “S” there.

(although my online name (BabblingStacey) makes very amusing initials – yes I do babble a lot of BS.  Heh)

She sent such lovely package – beautifully wrapped and some wonderful postcards from Germany – which is my nationality.  My last name is a very German last name, so she may have guessed.

Thanks so much Alexandra! I wish I could read German to read your webpage (though I did put it through babelfish to read a bit).  I love the socks so much!

I had actually just got home from sending my sockpal socks off – she’ll probably get them tomorrow actually as she is in the same state as me…I do hope she likes them.

I might have also stopped at Lint for their 50% clearence…and I may have bought some yarn….um, some Blue Sky Cotton for a sweater for my niece’s 1 year birthday and some yarn for some gift scarves…and some cute Crystal Palace Daisy circular needles…um how do I sneak this past CoffeeBoy?