Doesn’t that sound delightful?

Another item I picked up at Lint’s closing sale (which is now at 50% off…I’m tempted to head on over there again) is this lovely skein of Noro’s Cashmere Island.

As with most Noro I’ve found, it’s hard to capture all the delightful colours in it – mostly black with lime green, deep purple & blues and a little bit of turquoise. It’s colour number is 1 (first time I’ve seen a single digit for a colour number)

With 30% cashmere (as well as 60% wool & 10& nylon), it must be a hat. It’s 100m and I only picked up on skein so that’s what it’ll be – a nice warm hat for those MA winters I’ll have to get used to.

Thanks to everyone’s words of encouragement from my last post – I’m actually a lot better now. It looks like we’ll be flying out there at the end of August for a few days then hopefully moving sometime in Sept. I’m still a bit stressed but I’m trying to redirect it. Today I went through my big green bin of yarn & took out everything that has been stashed in there. Don’t worry, it’s nothing spectacular, mostly odd balls & old acrylic stuff – I didn’t even photograph any of it for FYS07. I filled up a trash bag full of it to donate and it made me feel a bit better about what I do have. I filled the bin back up with all the good yarn I have; all but my current WiPs and my sock yarn tote fit in it.
Next up is the closet. It’s amazing how many clothes I have. I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, but I have clothes spilling out all over.

Tonight though I’m headed over to Twisted for their movie night with some lovely peeps to relax.  If you are one of the PDX readers, please join us!  I think it’ll be fun and it’ll be my first time in Twisted.  I know I have drove by it multiple times, but I keep missing it for some reason.