When I have too many things going on in my life, I pretty much shut down and do nothing – stay home, talk to no one, and just knit. It’s been one of those kind of weeks – just so many things unknown about the move & nothing I can do about it and that stresses me out. I had this overwhelming feeling of hopelessness.

So all your comments on my silly swatching post cracked me up & made me smile – I really was at my wits end on Saturday night and blamed my current projects & the boy (and not to mention myself) for my bad mood. So I decided, against what I said earlier about not having two big projects at once on the needles, to cast on for the Central Park Hoodie.

Suddenly I could breath again – I started with the sleeves & after only a couple of hours of TV watching, I’m about halfway done with one. (it looks small in the picture, but it’s about 9 inches) I forgot how much quicker knitting is working on needles bigger than a size 4. Plus I really like the pattern and working with worsted weight wool is making me feel like I am accomplishing something. It’s been on the cool side here, so wool isn’t going to be an issue.

Not that I don’t love my other major projects

I do love Cables & Os but after working all day Thursday & Friday on it, I gained maybe an inch or two. I still have 6 inches before the decreases – and that’s not including the sleeves. So I need to set it down for awhile.

My Chevron Scarf, in its unblocked glory. It’s another thing I have that I feel like I knit & knit on but have nothing to show for it…not as bad as the C&Os as I’m 20 inches in…but enough that I don’t want to work on it at the moment. It is my traveling project – I decided to take a week off from socks – so I work on it here & there.

I do realize that starting a major sweater project is silly, I should do something small to feel like I accomplished something but what can I say? Central Park Hoodie is calling to me.

Another thing that made me feel annoyed is that all the books I’ve tried to read since HP have failed to live up to my expectations. My favourite author, Jasper Fforde, put out a new book and I usually devour his books. This one I cannot get into – it’s a mess of different plotlines and none of the fun that were his other books. I didn’t even finish it which made me feel sad. So yesterday I ran across Blowing My Cover by Lindsey Moran & I picked it up. I’m enjoying it immensely – it’s interesting to read anyway and she has such a funny witty voice to her writing that is so enjoyable to read.

Oh and the biggest news of all – I put in my notice at work. It’s really scary – I’ve worked for the company for 9 years (my anniversary is on Saturday actually) and to quit just scares me all to hell. But we may have to move on the first of Sept and I do want some time to pack & visit my family.  Hopefully though we can just fly out to Boston later this month, he can work a few days, find a place to live, and then come back here and move in a more relaxed fashion. We’ll find out later this week.

So changes all around.