First off, I got to knit with Amy Singer yesterday!

Seriously, she was signing/hanging out at Knit-Purl yesterday and it was very fun. As expected, Amy is as funny & chatty as you would expect. I brought down Cables & Os (naturally!) & just hung out for about an hour & half with her, Missamite from Kntty Coffeeshop and some other lovely ladies yesterday afternoon.

Here’s Missamite wearing a lovely necklace of SeaSilk – I was so tempted by it, I mean Amy’s working with it right there working on Tuscany (she taught a class that night that I couldn’t afford) & Melissa was getting some…but I was good and decided $70 is a little much for a shawl at this moment, as beautiful as it is.

I went back for the Sip n’ Knit – really, my first knit night ever. It was fun, I felt really shy because everyone already knew each other & I actually only “knew” Amy who came by after the class. So I was quiet but I enjoyed myself – it was just nice to work on Cables & O’s again – it looks like it’s my every other week project.

So YPF, I did not forget. I broke my no yarn rule this week & went to Lint‘s closing sale. Picked up some Cotton Fleece (which will someday grow up to be Rusted Root) and this:

Artful Yarns Serenade – 70% cotton, 30% angora

So pretty – it’s actually a much deeper red/purple color than this pictures show – I fell in love with it.

That’s probably the best shot of the colours.

These look more like caterpillars than my silly story about the Opal Yarn.

I think this will end up a scarf.  I’ve never used angora before, so hopefully it won’t bother my skin – so far so good though.  I’m thinking of Branching Out for it…

We’ll see though.

I’m off for a weekend away – well a night away anyway.  Mt Hood most likely, so have a great weekend everyone!