I’m afraid my wips are not terribly exciting this week. Pretty much, as the subject says, it’s mostly socks. I feel like I haven’t had much time to knit this week – between the boy wizard & my favourite author also putting out a book (Yah Thursday Next!) I’ve been reading quite a bit. Luckily, with First Among Sequels, I haven’t felt the compulsion to read it before someone ruins it for me, so I get to savor it.

So on to the WiPs.

First we have the Raupe Monkey

Pretty much I’ve been working on this on my lunch break at work & maybe a bit here & there. My traveling socks! I’m liking how it’s coming out – I just wish I was a little quicker at it- finishing a pair of socks within 2 weeks ruined me I think.

Then, after making myself something like a half a dozen pair of socks, a friend a pair, and my sockapalooza pair, I’m finally making some for CoffeeBoy.

I decided on Widdershins – I love the cables & I think they will be good for the this very unexciting yarn (Libero – long discontinued I believe, because I can’t find anything on the web about it and only one other person on Ravelry has it in their stash).  I’m going with the toe up construction as I’m unsure about the yardage. Again, I think STR really ruined me for sock yarns – this yarn is not as soft or squishy & very splitty.

So to curb on STR withdrawl, I did a bit of work on the Chevron scarf.

It’s about 12 inches so far – I’m picturing at least 72 so not too far yet. It makes good TV knitting. CoffeeBoy & I are going out of town on Friday, probably to MT Hood or the coast, we haven’t quite decided, so this will probably be my car knitting too.

So that’s all for my WiPs…how about CoffeeBoy’s wips of the non-knitting kind? He hasn’t worked for about a month (and driving me a bit batty, but that’s okay) so he’s been doing some projects around the house.

First we have an espresso machine that he bought quite awhile ago. It was very dirty & rusted over.

It’s not working yet, but he really has done a beautiful job cleaning it up. Now we just need to figure out how/where to plug it in.

And also…a pile of rocks

Which will somehow turn into a bench for the backyard.

It’s a bit sad though, because it’s looking more & more likely we will be leaving in about a month…I will miss this place, but I’m excited for Boston.

Tomorrow is Amy Knitty at Knit-Purl – I’m so excited! I won’t be taking the class but plan on heading downtown for the signing and then maybe back again for the knit night.

I have some lovely things to show you all on Friday – I went to the the Lint closing sale & picked up a few things I never would have bought if it wasn’t on sale, just to play with. A bit sad though, I love the sales but I’m sad for why they are having the sale. Ah well.