As I’m trying to stay off the internet until a certain book is released, this one is a bit of a quickie YPF. Plus, it’s raining so I’m using some picture I took awhile ago.

This is the lovely yarn that blogless scrappin’duck sent to me for the Lime & Violet swap. I only had my camera phone at the time so now it’s time for this baby to shine with some real pictures!

It’s Tess’ Designer Yarns Super Sock & Baby in (I think) Lime Splash. Appropriatly named too, as it’s got gorgeous blues & purples…and a splash of lime

She told me she got this at Stitches West – I’d never heard of this company before but I’m loving how squishy & soft this yarn is. It’s next in the queue ot use but I have so many sock patterns I want to use this for – Tempest by Emilee is the one I’m leaning towards though. I need to finish the Monkey socsk first though – which is coming along nicely -and of course the Sockapalooza socks.

So for now I’ll just pet this pretty pretty yarn. Thanks again scrappin’duck!