So close…

I have the outfit ready…it has been decided by a couple of us at work to go as characters – I am attempting to be Luna, as she is one of my favourite characters, in Ravenclaw, which I already have a beret for, and probably the character I’m most similar to, to be completely honest.

I used CoffeeBoy to take the pictures, which got old really fast (“ew, I don’t like that one, take another”):

I was using the books for colour…and I realize how good my camera is because you can read the titles…and see the dead grass of our yard. (sigh)

I even made myself a caplet (since I didn’t have enough yarn or time for a full cape/robe)

Luna’s Caplet

Started: July 14

Completed: July 15th (though I added the ties today)

Yarn:  Shine Worsted (silver) and Gedifra Micro Chic (silver-color 42) – held together

Pattern:  My own

 Needle: Size 13US circs

Notes:  How do you make a super quick shawl/caplet that you will probably only wear once?  Oh, grab your biggest knitting needles (actually I may have some straights that are bigger, but I pretend those don’t exsist any longer), grab some random yarns from your stash you probably won’t use again and do a lot of drop stitches.  Basically I cast on 50 stitches, knitted 2 rows, increasing one stitch on each end of the 2nd row.  Next row, I knitted 1 stitch, then wrapped the yarn around the needle 3 times before the next stitch, repeating across the row.  Next row I dropped the wraps across.  I repeated these 4 rows 4x, until I was nearly out of the Shine (I had 3 partial balls of it).  Then when I bound off, I used a stretchy bind off (when you bo a stitch, move the stitch back on to the left needle & knit it again) so it wouldn’t be all bunched up on the bottom.  I didn’t exactly enjoy knitting this – I’ve gotten to the point I don’t like using big needles (more than a size 8, really) and I really dislike working with the Micro Chic – it’s fluffy & difficult to work with, even if it is super soft against the skin.  But it was good stashbusting since I got this randomly in a ebay lot and forgot I had it until I was photographing my stash for Ravelry.

I may not love it but it will serve its purpose tomorrow night (eee!)  And yes, that is a wand you may have spotted in the first picture.


I am so ready.