Well the rains came back to Oregon, so my photos are, sadly, not as clear. Ah well, at least I have a covered front porch so I can use the natural light.

So this week as been pretty much All About Cables & O’s:

It’s still slow going but I do love working on it – the stitch pattern is easy to memorize & oh so enjoyable to do. I just wish it wouldn’t take forever to do each row. I really want to finish it because first of all, I want a new cardi to wear. Second of all, I keep looking at all sorts of other projects I want to do – Central Park Hoodie for one – but I don’t want more than one big project going at once.

This, however, does not include socks

So here we have Raupe Monkey and the Sockapalooza second sock. Just like everybody else, I find the Monkey pattern addicting. My only issues is I don’t like starting rows on a purl stitch, but I can live with it. I’ve tried to do a repeat each day, although I didn’t last night because I was working on the SP sock. Nearly to the heel on that one – I should finish in plenty of time of the August 2nd deadline.

I do have a FO to show off but I’m waiting for the weather to clear up to photograph it – it might have to wait for pictures on Friday, when I’m getting ready for the Harry Potter party (so you can all see me in my dorky glory).

I know that everyone is sick of Ravelry posts but I love that place so much. I’ve been trying to describe it as MySpace for knitter to various friends who are wondering why I suddenly have a bunch of a new photos of my yarn on my flickr page. (A bit embarrassing that is). But it’s so so much better than stupid MySpace. I really love looking at all the different versions of patterns that people have done and all the comments on them. I also get a little thrill when my photos get chosen as the featured photo for different yarns – just random ones that I seem to be the only one with it in my stash but still.

Plus I get really excited when someone friends me – I’m even “friends” with Stefanie Japal which made my day.

Okay, now I sound really pathetic & stalker-ish. But what I’m saying, Raverlry – big thumbs up from me.

I’ll leave you with my new camera case – we got a new Paperchase line at work call Monstars & they are adorable. I’ve been on the lookout for a camera case so my poor camera won’t get all beat up & I found the perfect one! Plus only $7.99!

Isn’t he cute? The look a lot like the Ugly Doll line but I don’t care – it’s padded & water resistance and won’t let my camera get scratched up in my purse.

Only 3 days ’til Harry!