I have been home, curled up in my chair, all day long. I just hate being a girl sometimes.

So here’s some silliness. Bezzie started it and Zuma tagged me so I guess I better do it.

I present…my sock drawer.

It’s also where I keep the tank tops I wear to bed but my socks bury them. Aren’t you glad you can’t see my trashy Las Vegas tank I sleep in?

Obviously, not all of these are handknit – I have had an addiction to silly socks for years – see the pair on the far right with the martini glasses? There are also several pairs with penguins & monkeys and other goofy things. But there are several handknit pairs – the blue-ish ones on the bottom are my favourites. They’re made from Opal Rainforest Parrot and they wear like iron.

My mother painted my nightstand for me – isn’t it cute? The handles fell off though.

I just realized my Little Bunny Foo-Foos are missing. Laundry I suppose.

I’m not tagging anyone in particular, but I hope a lot of you out there will participate – I would love to see everyone’s sock drawer!

And to leave you with more silliness – I took it before seeing HP. Though I’m bitter we’re not getting the premire here in Oregon – for goodness sake, I lived on Flanders St! Right down the street from Lovejoy! Right down the street from Quimby! Sigh