…and one to go.

Yep, I finished one of my Sockapalooza pal socks. I’m pretty happy with it, I just hope she likes it. She asked for no pattern on the instep, although I think I’d like it more if the pattern continued.

But I do like the stitch pattern…I’m going to have to use it again. She had ask for no lace, but I hope the mini cables will be okay.

I hope they will fit her – we have about the same size feet & they fit me perfectly. But for once I wish I had sock blockers – they look a little funny when they are not on my feet.

Now on to the second.

I actually finished this while I watched Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix.

And if you haven’t seen it, and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now.

I felt exactly the same about the movie as I have every time I’ve seen one of the Harry Potter films for the first time – with the possible exception of 3 – I’m simply let down. While I do think the dialogue is a bit better, the editing is off & I wish they had cut some of the story (Gwarp for one) to tighten it up and spend more time with the Ministry fight. Everyone around me kept describing the Ministry fight as spectacular, and it was – but I wish they spent more time with it, more of the dialogue between Beatrix & Neville and Sirus. And between Voldy & Dumbledore. Speaking of Neville – I wish they had followed the book more with regards to him – that the prophecy could have applied to him and that he was the last one standing with Harry at the end. In any case, I think the casting is inspired – love the little girl playing Luna and Beatrix was creepy, though I wish shown a little more – and I know they can never live up to the books but still a little disappointed. I’m also trying really really REALLY hard not to get excited for The Golden Compass. His Dark Materials is probably my favourite series ever – I love them even more than HP – and I’m scared the movie will naff them right up.

As for the nonreaders I saw the movie with – CoffeeBoy and his best friend – they were both “eh” about the whole thing. CB described it as slow, which I didn’t find it, but then I’ve read the book. He loves the story & the other films, so it’s not like he’s not a fan or anything. I’ve told him a 100 times he should read the books as they are so much more subtle. I loved Book 5 for the subtle things JK put in mirroring the real world – speaking up against the government brands you crazy or disloyal, the ministry controlling the media, and the kids banding together to make a difference – which is either ham-fisted in the films or lost completely.

I did, however, love Hermione’s hoodie (?) sweater she wears in a couple of scenes.

So I did the only sensible thing when I got home last night – I put the OotP audio book on my ipod & sat outside, knitting and listening.

I’ve also started something that might be a disaster. See, we are to dress up for the HP party on Friday night (it’s the All Hallows Ball) and since I’m hosting an event, I have to. While I have this long black dress, I wanted something else with it to tie in my Ravenclaw Beret (by the way, my beret was chosen to be on the pattern page at Ravelry. Squee!) So, hopefully, this will be a capelet of some sort – I should be finished with it by tomorrow or Monday as I’m nearly out of yarn. I’ll leave you with a sneak peak: