One morning, while I was having my cup of coffee on the back porch, I noticed something lurking by my pepper plants

Why it’s a rare Opal Rainforest II Caterpillar!

When it spotted me, it tried to hide more deeply in the peppers

When it saw that I just got closer, it ran off to the grapevines

Then sprinted to the hot peppers, but I think it had gotten tired by then because it pretty much stopped trying to hide.

Finally it decided it was too much work to hide & just laid down on the porch.

“Raupe,” said I (for that was its name). “You have the most beautiful shades of green, brown, & gray I’ve ever seen.”

It preened & allowed me to take a close up.

Then it shyly looked at me & whispered, “Do you know what my dearest ambition is?”

“World Peace?” I ventured. It is law you must say that before anything else.

“Well of course but after that.”

“No, what is it?”

“To become Monkey”

“But,” said I. “You are beautiful the way you are – monkeys have lovely browns and I wish that was one of the Opal yarns but I really like your greens. Plus I’d have to overdye you & I…”

I trailed off as Raupe sat up & looked at me coldly.

“Are you daft? Monkey! The sock pattern everyone loves!”

“Oh! How silly of me. Yes that is a lovely pattern, but I really need to finish my Sockapalooza socks…”

Raupe stared at me like I was breaking its heart. “You’ve never had more than one project on your needles?”

That I could not argue with.

See?  The yarn made me do it!

That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.