Since today there were many many many discussions on Harry Potter at work (I think we feed off of each other’s obsessions, which is fun), it’s only fitting that I get my fabulous package from my very own house elf!

I slowly opened the quite heavy box…

Oh my, what do we have here?


So many fun things!

Let’s see, a box of Bertie Botts Beans, a chocolate frog (which I ate immediately after I took this – my card was Gilderoy Lockhart – I did love Kenneth Branagh‘s portrayal of him), some Jelly Slugs (yum – I love those), a big package of ELFudge cookies (YUM), a golden snitch, the HP theories book (which I have but my copy will find a home with my sister – I really enjoyed this book) and a neat HP bookmark. Knitty stuff included some KnitPick Essentials sock yarn (Yah! and in true Ravenclaw colours of navy & grey) and a skein of Sugar & Cream in bright navy. But best of all was the handmade goodies – a house scarf bookmark (Ravenclaw, natch), a washcloth with an R on it (I wish I got a better picture of it, but the light was fading fast), and coolest of all…

A knitted checker set!!! How awesome is that? My little house elf is certainly creative! I can’t wait to play with it…maybe I’ll make CoffeeBoy play with me when he gets home.

I still have yet to figure out who my house elf is though…hmm, she left me a clue, I’m going to have to do some searching…

But whoever you are…Thank You for such a great package! It made my day!

Edited…is that you, LibiLou?