What A lovely weekend – I pretty much just spent it sitting in the yard, knitting & re-listening to Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince because the house was too hot. Well not all of it…it was Coffeeboy’s & my anniversary on Friday – one year! On one had it feels like we’ve always been together; on the other hand, wow, that year went by fast. We didn’t do much – saw Live Free or Die Hard (isn’t that romantic? But better than Transformers or Fantastic Four which was CoffeeBoy’s idea.  Actually I quite enjoyed myself at Die Hard – I mean, it’s what you expect.  And while I adore Timothy Olyphant (Seth!), no one – I mean NO ONE beat Alan Rickman as a villian.) and had dinner. Pretty low key, but, well, that’s us.

In my knitting weekend, I competed my Ravenclaw beret:

Ravenclaw Beret

Started: July 2

Completed: July 7

Yarn: KnitPicks Swish Superwash Navy – the pattern calls for 145yds so that seems about right – and some random silver yarn that I’ve had for years (yah stashbuster)

Pattern: House Beret, Narrow Stripes version, from Charmed Knits

Needles: Size 6US for the ribbing, Size 8US for the rest.

Notes: A very quick, fun project. I absolutely could not find my size 7US circular needle when it came to switch needles- even though I had when I started the project – so I ended up just using an 8. I don’t think it’s a big deal because the top is suppose to be a big larger. I’ll at least be wearing this at the store party – I’m going to be hosting an event for kids to guess what character or spell I’m describing – and I will probably wear it elsewhere too as it really doesn’t scream “Harry Potter!”

(CoffeeBoy called me his Rasta Girl after he saw me in this)

The only other deadline project I have is my Sockapalooza Pal socks – which I also started. Then it’s no deadlines…until Christmas. Huzzah!