More yarn from Black Sheep Gathering:

I have no idea where this yarn is from or the colour name because this is all that’s on the tag:

I suspect it’s SWTC, as I got it from the same clearance bin as my one I bought for my mom.

I love the colours – browns, greys, bronzes, blacks – it just looks gorgeous.

It’s going to be a DreamSwatch, (pdf) – I already frogged my other one, I didn’t like the feel of it.  So back in the stash it goes.  This one is so silky & soft – it’ll make a nice one

It’s been a few days since I updated – I ended up skipping WiP Wednesday completely because while I had a lot of fun on Tuesday with our BBQ/karaoke night with our friends, I overindulged on these frozen blended vodka drinks I was making, (among other things).  And I had to crawl in to work on the 4th, which was easily one of the most painful things to do.  By the end of the day, I had no desire to a) be around people and b) be around noise.  So I just stayed in & watched a few fireworks that our neighbors were setting off.  I do have a couple of new WiPs to show off next week though.

I’m also trying to finish up my Harry Potter items – a Ravenclaw beret for me to wear at the party my store is throwing & things for my Harry Potter Swap Pal.

Here’s Hedwig, ready to make the delivery to my swap pal.  That’s a FO around her neck – just a house scarf bookmark (Ravenclaw, which my swap pal is sorted in to as well) from Charmed Knits.  I don’t think it needs a full post on it – I just used some Swish in navy and some random silver yarn I had laying around and it took just a couple of hours to make.  I didn’t put the fringe on until this morning.

In other HP news (can you believe that it is only 2 weeks away!?!), I’m going to see Harry & the Potters on Tuesday night at the Wonder Ballroom – I know there are some HP knitty fans here & they should go to (glancing in your general direction Zuma, Jessica & Christy).  It’s going to be a lot of fun!