I finished them!!

Twisted Rib Socks

Started: June 22

Completed: July 2

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock – mill end heavyweight Little Bunny FooFoo

Pattern: 3×1 twisted rib

Needles: 4us dpts – my favourite sock needles – Crystal Palace 6inch (also purchased at BSG)

Notes: Now I can see why everyone raves over STR – this yarn is so lovely work with. Yes this was my first STR sock. And I even did two!


With mill ends, there’s always a chance of issues with the yarn – flaws in color or strands. I found one knot in this skein (I haven’t wound the others up) – I thought it was right in the middle of the skein, but it ended up being on the toe of the second sock. But no serious issues.


I like shorter socks, so the cuff is only 5 inches total. I really enjoyed the pattern as well – 3×1 twisted rib (knit 3 purl 1 for a row, knit through back loop 3, purl 1 for the second row) I didn’t have my trusty sock books with me when I started these at my moms so I just randomly started on this pattern. I really like the way the stitches look


So while it’s a bit warm to wear these socks (finally, summer comes to Oregon!), I love them. I’ll probably wear them to work anyway!

So now I know I can do a pair of socks in a week, I’m not as panicked about my Sockapalooza pal socks. I’m still going to go with the heavyweight, but smaller needles & longer cuffs. I’m going to start those next.

As for WiP Wednesdays, I’m going to have to skip it this week or delay it a day – we are having friends over tonight (Hi Carmel!) for some drinking & karaoke at the local bar since everybody has the day off tomorrow – except for me. At least I get holiday pay & I’ll be off early enough to enjoy some festivities. I actually don’t have any new WiPs really to show since I’ve been working on just these socks all week (other than my little purse). I just CO for my Ravenclaw beret but have just done 2 rows on it.

We’ll see what Thursday brings. I’ll still do YPF on Friday though.

Happy 4th to the US readers & happy day to everyone else!