Awhile back, the fabulous Melanie of Lotus Knits! posted about a contest for her gorgeous yarns (seriously, go look at them! I just love the names of them).  To enter, we were to post about our first FO.  That got me thinking about my early knitting.  I don’t have my first real FO (a scarf that became a cat blanket – due to that newbie error of increasing somehow.  Seriously, I don’t know how I did it but I wish I could figure it out, because there were no holes) or my second (a scarf for myself that I think I gave to the Goodwill when I moved last year) or even my third (a scarf for GBF) but I do have one of my early FOs still.

 A blanket made up of squares of Lion Brand Homespun.  Before I discovered the joys of soft wools, cottons, and other natural fibers, I was obsessed with Homespun. (and Red Heart’s Light & Lofty – that’s what the GBF’s scarf is made from)  I bought multiple skeins of it & just knitted squares – or something square-ish shaped, as some of them turned out.

 They were just garter stitch – I don’t think I knew how to purl yet – and I sewed them all together.  I also did a black crochet border.

I still get a lot of use out of it – it stays on my knitting chair & I throw it over my legs when it’s chilly.  Although I have no desire to knit with Homespun any longer, sometimes I really want to make another blankie like this.  It’s a good hot weather project, as you are just knitting squares.

So that’s my (sorta) first FO!  I don’t know if I’m in time to enter the contest – I had so many posts to do with BSG & such – but it was really fun remembering knitting squares.  Over & over.