So the second day at Black Sheep Gathering, after I met up with the knitty girls, I started feeling a little guilty about my STR purchases – I bought all this sock yarn for myself (and gifts) but I still have never made CoffeeBoy anything. He does not wear hats, scarves, or sweaters – so I figured I would find some sock yarn that he would like. (If you are a longtime reader,you may remember I did buy some yarn to make him some socks at one point, but thought I’d get something extra special at BSG).

I spotted some tweedy yarn & thought that might be lovely

But then I touched it.

(brief pause)

This is what heaven feels like.

Oh my goodness. This stuff is so so soft – I honestly want to use it for a pillow. It’s Peruvian Tweed Alpaca Yarn from The Village Spinning & Weaving Shop in Sclvang CA. 100% natural colored Alpaca

This shot shows the colour the best – dark brown with a lighter grey.

I bought a half pound of this – about 600 yards or so – and it seems about a dk or light worsted weight.

So poor CoffeeBoy loses again – no socks from this stuff. Instead it’s going to be a wrap/shawl for myself – a nice warm wrap for Autumn.

Until then I’m just going to pet it…or use it for a pillow.

And CoffeeBoy will be getting the orginal yarn I bought him back in March.