As I said on Wednesday, I finished the Squatty Sidekick

 Stripey Squatty Sidekick

Started: June 21

Completed: June 28

Pattern: Squatty Sidekick

Yarn: Cascade 220 Maroon Red and Leaf Green (yep, lost both ballbands)

Needles: 10.5US circs & dpt

Notes:  This was a pretty quick knit, as I guess most felted items are.  I usually leave the felted items to my mom – she makes great bags – but I thought this was a cute little bag.  And little it is.

Pre Felting (taken inside at night)  I should have put something in it to show the size – it’s about 13 inches across & about 17 inches long, from the top of the strap.

 Post Felting:

With my had to show how small it is (and ragged sweater cuff.  It’s my favourite sweater though) It felted down to 9 inches by 9 inches, which was a bit smaller than I wanted.  Ah well.  I love it though – I like felting with Cascade 220 rather than Lamb’s Pride – I don’t like the hairyness – and it’s a very sturdy little bag.  I even like the stripes, which I didn’t think I would once I finished it.  It fits my camera, phone, & a little wallet type thing, so it’s a good bag to take out at night (as in, no room for knitty things).  The button came from my button stash – I bought a huge bag of interesting silver buttons years back but I rarely use them – mostly because I don’t have a yarn needle that fits through them.

CoffeeBoy is oddly facinated by felting.  He asked for felted socks today – which I pointed out to him are pretty much slippers.  Has anyone ever heard of felted socks?

Oh I finished my Little Bunny FooFoo sock!  And like the good girl I aim to be, I cast on for the second!