So since I was on “vacation” (the quotes are there because while I was off of work, it wasn’t relaxing – except for BSG), I started 2 vacation projects this weekend. I actually brought many of my old WiPs with me – Cables & Os, DreamSwatch (which I’m going to frog – I think I want it in a different yarn), washcloths…yet I started 2 new ones. Well, three actually – my sister demanded a Grass Guy so I knitted one up – but I didn’t get around to felting or putting him together. Ah well. I also have no pictures of him.

But, to nobody’s surprise, I had to play with my new STR yarn

I tried to get a decent picture of it – but the colours are really hard to capture – beautiful chocolate browns, light pinks, greys…I had to start me a pair of socks

It’s a pretty simple pattern – I did an inch of 2×2 rib, then 5 inches of 3×1 rib – but every other row I knit through the back loop on the knit stitches. It creates a really interesting twisted stitch that I’m really enjoying. I also love how the yarn is striping.

The other WiP is kind of unusual for me – a felted bag. I’m not a big fan of felting (I leave it for my mom) but I started on a Squatty Sidekick from the new KnittingDaily site I guess I just decided I needed a new bag

I grabbed a randon skein of Cascade 220 I had laying around – a maroon colour I’m pretty sure I got from the ebay lot a couple of months ago & while I was knitting it, I saw the green from Grass Guy next too & decided to add some stripes because I liked the way the colours looked together. I’m not sure how much I like it now but ah well. This will be a FO probably by Friday – I only have to knit a couple of inches on the strap & knit the flap.

Actually I hope the socks will be done by next week as well – I do like doing WiP Wednesdays – I like keeping track of what I’m doing – and it totally gives me a goal to finish before the next one!

Not that I really have. Heh.