So some of the BSG yarn is for gifts and some of the yarn I’m saving for Friday (yep, doing a YPF) but the Socks That Rock skeins want to show off their bad selves

One is missing from this particular photo shoot – one of the heavyweights – because I’m nearly done with one sock from it.  I took some pictures while at my moms, which prompted the following conversation.

Niece: “What is Stacey doing?”

Sister: “She’s taking pictures of her yarn”

Niece: “Why?”

Sister: “Because she is weird”

Mom:”No, I think it’s cool! Are you going to take pictures of my yarn too?”

Me: “Yes, mom”

My mom insists she has never knitted socks (although I know she was working on some one time) but the allure of Blue Moon was too much for her.  She bought 2 skeins of medium weight, and 1 skein of lightweight, plus a pattern at Blue Moon.  The bamboo on the end was one I bought for her that was marked down at another booth – I got one too.  Anyway, the only issue with Mill Ends is the colour names are not on them – I’m pretty sure the one on the left is Pink Granite but I’m unsure on the others – it’s hard to tell from the website.  If you know any of the yarn colourways here, let me know. 🙂  My mom doesn’t care, but I like knowing what they are.

Anyway, my haul!

So these were the heavyweights I bought.  One is going to be for my Sockapalooza pal (the 3rd from the left) but the rest are for me.  The 2nd from the left is the one I’ve started with already – there will be more shots of it tomorrow for WiP Wednesday (I’m pretty sure that is the Little Bunny Foo Foo colour) and I think the other 2 might end up being a Chevron Scarf.  In anycase, I was really excited to find the heavyweights for such a good price – I love thicker socks & they knit up so very fast!

Medium weight Mill Ends.  One will be a gift, the other…well I’ll probably make some socks from it.

They are so pretty – but yet again, I don’t know the names of the colours.

And my non-mill end purchase

Silkie!  I was debating back & forth between that & Seduction…and I ended up with Silkie

Then I had a further debate with myself – what colour? They were all so pretty,but I wanted something a little out of my usual blues/greens/browns

Fire on the Mountain – I just really loved the melding of all those vivid colors


I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it though.  Amanda mentioned on a recent post that she didn’t like how the yarn knitted up (of course I saw this after I bought Silkie) so I might save it for a scarf or wrap instead of tightly knitted socks.  Silk seems weird for socks anyway…has anyone else used Silkie for socks?

So that’s the STR haul.  At least until Flock & Fiber in September!  Actually I did make a deal with myself – no more yarn purchases until then  – I guess a yarn diet of sorts.  I just went way overboard in the past two weeks!

I think I have enough to last me a good long while.