What a weekend – I’m exhausted beyond belief. I’ve been at my mom’s for the past 4 days – while that sounds relaxing, it wore me out. I’m just happy to be home.

But I had a fantastic time at Black Sheep Gathering!

I’ve never gone to a fiber festival before – what an experience! I went 2 days – on Friday with my mom, Saturday with the Knittyheads – and it was worth it. I went a little overboard, but…but…but…

I mean there were Mill Ends! $12 for lightweight! $14 for medium! $16 for heavy! How could I resist?

I also to got see Alpacas! I love Alpacas! Can I have an Alpaca? Puh-leeeeez?

Then Saturday, I got to see & meet some knitty folks!

I was so happy to finally meet NotHip & indigomouse since I’ve loved their blogs & beautiful knits for a long time,
(and big thanks to indigo for the magazine with Central Park Hoodie in it! Huzzah!) and it was great to see Zuma, Melody, Missamite, and chameleon again. Plus I also got to meet cinnamontree & greymalk (who drove up from Eureka!) I’m sorry if I forgot anyone…I wish I could have stayed longer with everyone but I had to go rescue my poor mom, who was watching all four of my sisters children (ages 1year to 8years) all by herself.

You can see all the photos from BSG here.

Oh what did I get? I’ll leave a teaser until tomorrow….

I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed, rather than a lumpy twin bed (which I had to share with CoffeeBoy last night – and we’re not exactly tiny). Home Sweet Home.