I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but I got my HUGE KnitPicks order the day before heading down to Eugene….maybe it’ll keep me from spending too much money at Black Sheep…? HA! Actually, I set a limit on what I’m going to spend, I’m going to withdrawal exactly what I’m allowed to spend & no more. Mostly I’m planning on buying gift-type things and maybe something I can do Tuscany with since AmyKnitty is going to be in Portland on July 26th! (eek, I just looked at the price – $45! Sigh. I still might do it, but gah.)

Actually I was very good & when I took pictures, I included how much I got so I’ll be already for Ravelry – yes I’m on the list, I’m pretty sure I should be getting my invite any day now, as I think I signed up not too long after Turtlegirl76 – who I apparently stalk. I’m pretty excited, mostly because I will hopefully be more organized with my yarn & projects. One hopes anyway

So what did I get from this fabulous KnitPicks sale?

15 balls of Wool of the Andes in Iron Ore – I mentioned earlier that I wanted to make Rogue. Well I changed my mind, I’m not much of an outerwear pullover fan – I hate taking them on & off – and I fell in love with the Central Park Hoodie. Unfortunatly, I do not have the magazine it’s in & when I looked to order a back issue of KnitScene it would be $12 for it. Um, no. I dont like the other projects. I’m going to hunt around for it – my mom may have bought it since she buys more magazines than me (I pretty much only buy Interweave Knits). If anyone out there has a copy they’d like to swap with me, please leave a comment – I can probably make it worth your wild! πŸ™‚

In any case, I may just make A Cardigan for Arwen since I loved Anna’s so much.

Whatever I make with this, it was such a deal – $24 for the lot.

8 balls of Merino Style in Maple Leaf. (One escaped this photo shoot, but I did get 8 of them). Not sure what I want to do with this. I have enough to do Fitted Knits Puffy Cardigan (and in the same colour, but that was unintentional)- but I don’t know if I like it enough to wear. I also have 5 balls of Fog I could mix with it, so maybe it’ll just be a long sleeve pullover. I also really like the Nantucket Jacket from the same issue of IK, but I doubt I have enough & it would be some major math. So who knows?

7 balls of Crayon in Burnt Sienna. I’ve been in love with browns lately (I also ordered some Jacquard chestnut dye on this order but I didn’t take a picture of it) – I’m not sure what prompted it, maybe my Tomato with brown & blues. Anyway, I saw this was on sale thought I’d pick some up – I might just make a Plain Vanilla Sweater with it. I don’t know. But it’s cotton, so I’ll be more likely to work on it now instead of waiting for cooler weather.

4 balls of Crayon in Green. This will more than likely be a holiday gift for my neice (the older one) – maybe a cute little sweater. I haven’t decieded what yet.

So that’s it! I’m on my way to Eugene in a couple of hours – luckily I’m feeling better than I did yesterday – I got a horrible headache while at work, so bad it made me really nauseous. I left early & barely made it home before staying in bed most of the afternoon & evening. There’s something going around work that I was afraid I got – horrible stomach flu or something – and I didn’t want it to ruin my vacation! I think I escaped it that, but I’m not sure what prompted that headache – it felt like I did on my birthday at the zoo – from heat & allergies – but I was feeling fine before I got to work & I work in air conditioned splendor. So who knows? How sick was I? I wouldn’t knit. I didn’t even open my box o’ yarn when CoffeeBoy brought it in (I think that worried CB more than anything). All I did was lay quietly in the bedroom with a damp washcloth over my eyes (the black & red one from the previous post actually) and dozed off. I have a hard time sleeping during the day, plus my head hurt so bad. I think headaches are the worst – you just can’t do anything.

But I’m much better today, thank goodness. Have a good weekend y’all, I can’t guarantee a post before Monday, but there will be lots of goodies then!