So this week apparently has been the Week of Washcloths

I mentioned one I finished in my last post, then I went & did a ballband one. Then I started another ballband. When will it end?

Actually I’m quite enjoying them, they make an almost mindless project (but if I get too mindless I mess it up), they are very useful (I use them for facecloths rather than for dishcloths because they feel so nice), and they are good to tote to the movies we seem to be seeing a lot of. We saw Knocked Up on Sunday, it was very cute, and a lot of it reminded me of CoffeeBoy & me – some of their dialogue is exactly some of the things we’ve said (especially “Don’t break my heart” “I’m the sort of guy that girls screw over, so don’t do that to me either.”) So it was a good film to see right before our year anniversary – we met around about this time last year, but got together July 6th.

Okay enough mushiness

Balband Washcloth

Started June 16th

Finished June 18

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton (black), Peaches & Cream (peppermint) – small amount of both.

Pattern: on the ballband of Peaches & Cream and here.

Needles: Size 7US

Notes: Only thing I changed was the number of repeats – I think I left one off but it was the right size for me. I thought this pattern was going to be more difficult than it is – but yes, everyone is right, it’s easy to memorize & simple to do. The only thing that I would space out on is slipping the stitches while on the ws – otherwise, easy-peasy.

I also worked on Cables & Os this week, but didn’t take a picture because it looks exactly the same as before, only slightly longer. It’s coming down to Eugene when I go on Thursday to stay with the fam for a couple of days. I also started something for my Harry Potter swap pal – I’m just going to post it because if she sees it, she won’t get it until the last package so then she’ll know it’s me! πŸ™‚


Yep a Ravenclaw bookmark from Charmed Knits. I had some random silver laying around (it doesnt photograph well) and just used some KnitPicks Swish for the blue. I’m going to also make a beret for myself for the Harry Potter party my store is throwing – I probably won’t be any sort of character, but a hat is darn quicker than a housescarf.

I’m off tomorrow for few nights with the fam – Black Sheep with mom on Friday, Black Sheep with Knitty girls and babysitting my sisters 4 kids on Saturday, and generally just spending time with my mom. I’ll be bringing my computer but as the internet connections is dial-up, I probably won’t post anything – although I’ll probably at least try to get my pictures on my Flickr page.

Have a good weekend – and if you are going to Black Sheep, hope to see you there!