Yes I do have happy feet – the Fixation socks are done!

Started: sometime around May 20th

Completed: June 16th

Pattern: Turtlegirl76’s ankle sock pattern

Yarn: Cascade Fixation 1 ball of multi colour green, purple white, blue, 1 ball of solid lime green (there are no colourway names)

Needles: My trusty Crystal Palace 2.5US needles

Notes: These poor socks, they’ve had to put up with a lot – dropping them for other pressing projects, working on them during an exciting movie, having to rip out the heel when I screwed it up. But then the most insulting thing to them happened:

See that left foot’s toe? Yep, I ran out of yarn on them. This is not the pattern’s fault…I went a little long in the foot on the right (the first one) so I had to on the second. Halfway through the second sock, I knew I didn’t have enough yarn to finish. When we had lunch on Alberta Street yesterday, I popped into Close-Knit to pick up another ball, I couldn’t find the same colour, so I got a plain lime green that I alternated with the original yarn. I don’t mind mismatched socks, so it was fine – I supose if these were a gift I would have ripped the toe of the first sock & reknit it exactly the same….but I don’t care – the toes will be hid by my shoes anyway.

I like having happy feet

Since we had a rare day off together yesterday (and today as it turns out), CoffeeBoy & I ran around a bit. I finally used my Lush gift certificates that stickyfingers & my dear friend Sarah (blogless, but check out her beautiful photography) gave me quite awhile ago. I hadn’t been to Lush in a long time, since I moved to the other side of the river in fact – I’m just never over there when they’re open.

Too long as it turns out. My favourite scent has been discontinued! I loved Ginger so much – luckily I still have some soap. But it was just so sad. After fighting off the salespeople’s not very subtle suggestions of more expensive products (minor rant, it’s too bad I love Lush stuff so much because I HATE dealing with the salespeople – I realize they are suppose to upsell on everything but there is a much better way to it – if I say I loved spicey Ginger, don’t try to sell me something so floral just because you are trying to get rid of it), I found some lovely stuff

1 bubble bar (Pop In the Bath), 2 bath bombs (Butterfly & Black Pearl), some CoalFace (that my friend Anne has been recommending to me), Party On balm (I had the old version & loved it – it’s good for headaches), and Pied de Pepper (another of my favourite scents – it smells like chai!).  I’ve never tried the bathbombs or the bubble bar before & I made sure not to get ones with glitter or flowers so I wouldn’t clog up the bath.  Thanks again sticky & Sarah!

You’ll notice under my Lush stuff another FO – a facecloth I made while we watched Ocean’s 13.   I don’t feel I need to make a whole post about it – it’s just a basketweave stitch cloth with a garter border with the Peaches & Cream (Sea Mist) I bought last weekend.  I will say I think I like the Peaches & Cream cotton much better than Sugar & Cream or the Lion’s Cotton I’ve been using – it’s softer & easier to work with. So I’ll have to get more next time I find myself in WallyWorld.  I also realized I enjoy doing washcloths in theaters more than anything else.

You may also note that not only did CoffeeBoy put up with me going to a yarn store (which had a great sale going on, but I opted not to buy anything  since I made that big KnitPicks purchase & Black Sheep is next weekend) and Lush, but also took me to see a movie with many many attractive men in it.  What a nice boy!  Ocean’s 13 is much better than 12, which I didn’t like at all – this one was much more fun & more like the first one.  So it was worth the price of a first run movie to me.

And before you feel sorry for CB putting up with the girly things, I did buy him a Northern Exposure box set & a new Moleskein journal at my work before the movie.

Now for a lazy day, organizing my stash (it needs to be done) and knitting.  Ah, the lazy rainy Saturdays (hey, isn’t is suppose to be summer now?)