I have no clever song (like a couple of bloggers I know) and really this week there is only one WiP, since I finshed the Alpaca hat

Yep, just the Fixation socks.  Somehow I manged to turn the heel while at the theater last night – watching of all things Grindhouse.  Not a movie you want to try to do something a bit more complicated durring, but it worked (I also had to guess on a couple of things, as I didn’t have the pattern with me).  The movie was great fun though – a lot of it wasn’t my cup of tea but I loved the last half of “Death Proof”, I want to go kick some ass now.  Heh. Plus, I really like Tracy Thom.  And I wasn’t aware that Naveen Andrews of all people was in the first one.  Hee hee, look at Sayid.  The movies were CoffeeBoy’s dream come true, as Vanishing Point is his all time favourite movie and he loves zombies.

The “trailers” were pretty funny too.  We’re randomly saying to each other “Thanksgiving!” today.

Anyway, that’s all for WiPs, I haven’t worked on Cables & Os or the DreamSwatch this week.  I did however make a big KnitPicks purchase because they have a big sale going on – enough Wool of the Andes to maybe make Rogue.  Obviously, I won’t be starting that for awhile as it’s pure wool, but it’ll be nice when I finally get to Boston.

Speaking of Boston, how sad that two of my favourite bloggers are both moving away from Boston this week!   Well, I’m happy for them anyway – I hope they both have good luck on their adventures!