Well, the Spidey backpack went over well

I’m not sure why nephew C never wants to smile for pictures, he’s one of the happiest kids I know. He was very excited about the backpack & wanted to put everything in it – including a soccer ball.

Also I got to photograph a blast from the past:

A long time ago (four years), right after I bought Stitch n Bitch, I decided to make my niece the Punk Rock Backpack. I didn’t really understand gauge so I used a bulky weight wool instead of a worsted weight like the pattern calls for. I used whatever needles the yarn called for but it turned out to be this HUGE bag that is not very well knitted. My niece adores it – she told me she takes it to school everyday. The zipper broke (apparently she’s using beads to tie it up) and my mom sewed up some holes, but still, she loves it. It gives me a such a happy feeling that something I knitted is so appreciated – although I cringe when I look at it.

I will probably make her another, better one – she only requested that she gets another monkey on it.

Anyway, so I mentioned in my last post that my day trip turned into an overnighter. My poor car started sputtering about 45 minutes from my mom’s house – it never died, just had very little power. Oh and it was also raining & windy, which is never a good thing with my tiny car. I was terrified to pull over, because I was afraid it wouldn’t start again, so I drove straight there & made my BiL look at it. It was a small thing (thank goodness), but I didn’t want to risk it pooping out somewhere on I-5 at night so I decided to stay & wait until morning for the BiL to fix it.

Then I realized:

  1. I had no other clothes with me. (I was wearing Tomato – not something I wanted to sleep in)
  2. I had no toothbrush or any other toiletries
  3. I was supose to work the next day
  4. I only had a small knitting project with me.

Guess which one I was most worried about?

On a quick trip to Wally World for something to sleep in, I picked up this to tide me over

You know, just in case.

I did actually finish the small project I brought, but it was the next morning, so I didn’t really need the dishcloth cotton. On Friday, after Yarn Harlot, CoffeeBoy & I were going to go to the movies. I panicked. I had no project to bring! Cables & Os and the DreamSwatch would be too complicated in a darken theater, I wasn’t going to risk casting on the for the second Fixation Sock there either. I didn’t really have anything else to bring! So I spent an embarrassing amount of time on the drive home thinking about what I was going to do. I finally decided to do something with the the Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande I got in the ebay lot a while back. I settled on a hat.

Cabled Hat

Started: June 8th

Completed: June 10th

Pattern: My own – I made it up as I went along

Yarn: Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande, light blue

Needles: 10.5US circular & dpts

Notes: I decided I really wanted a cabled hat since I’ve fallen in love with cables & I hadn’t made a hat for awhile.  Plus I’m not sure what else I could have done with one skein of bulky yarn. So I cast on 64 stitches, ribbed for like an inch, then divided them into four sections (14 stitches) – 5 knit stitches and 1 purl stitch on either side of the cable & 4 stitches for the cable. I went with the 2 /2 cable in front. (is there a name? I haven’t really done many items with cables) I cabled every 3 rows (sometimes, I think on a couple rows I forgot – this was my brainless project remember). Then when it looked long enough, I decreased through the 5 knit stitches on each side to keep the cable in order. I like this hat. It was fun & I love the cables

What I’m going to do with a super warm alpaca hat in the summer is another question. Although it’s quite chilly today.

We ended up not going to the movies after all, by the way. So my freak out was for nothing. But I did have a easy project to throw in my bag right before I ran out the door to drive to mom’s – and I’m glad I did.

This post is already super long, but I have to show what was waiting for me when I finally got home on Saturday:

A while back on the knittyboards, I asked about Crayon, if it would work for an adult sweater rather than just baby stuff. The very awesome trillian offered to send me a ball to play with before I ordered it & it came! She also sent a very cute kitty card that I love. I can’t wait to knit something up with it – and best of all, some of the colours are on sale right now! I may just order some for some holiday gifts. Thanks again trillian!