So since my day trip to my nephew’s birthday party was turned into an overnighter due to a faulty car, I’m a bit behind on the Yarn Harlot event post.  But I had to put these up because I had the best time!

Just like the Mason-Dixon event, there was a call on the Coffeeshop for Portland Knittyheads to meet up at/before the event.  I missed out meeting these ladies at M-D because…well I’m shy.  I’m not shy when I’m chatting with people, it’s all about the intial approaching stage – I freeze up & feel stupid.  I’m sure lots of people are like me, but I’m just not at ease at meeting new people.  Well, the meetup was at Mio Gelato, across from Powells.  When I arrived at 5:30 on the dot, I had the relazation I had NO idea what the knitty girls looked like.  As it turned out, I arrived at the same time as Melody & hellahelen and while I thought they may have been knittyheads, I wasn’t sure & I couldn’t make myself go up to them.  So I took my gelato (tirimisu – yum) & sat outside for a bit, watching everyone else go in, trying to decide if they were the people I was looking for – I have no idea what I thought I would see, maybe a Knitty tshirt or something.  Finally I decided I was being ridiculous so I mustered up the courage & went up to hellahelen and Melody, as well as chameleon who had just joined them.

Me: (whispering) “are you from the knitty board?”

Them:  “Yes!”

After that, everything fell into place.  I was so happy to meet other knitters (I mean, other than my mom and the couple of friends who sorta knit) & chat with people who loved to talk about yarn! and knitting patterns! and other knittery stuff!  ZumaGirl74 joined us a little while after.  After showing off what we brought to knit on (I brought my Cascade Fixation socks), we headed over to Powells for the event.

It was a little overwhelming walking in there.

That was only a fraction of the crowd – I think someone said that there was over 300 people there.  Crazy.  I made the comment to chameleon that if you told me 6 years ago when I learned to knit that it would be this kind of huge deal, I would have laughed.

Luckily, missamite had arrived before us & saved a few seats in the back-row – chameleon & I stood, but that was fine because I could chat with her and knit while standing up since my project was so small.

We had a nice lady in front of the others take a few shots for us.

back row: me (I really need to stop pulling my hair back), chameleon, missamite.  front row:  zumagirl74, melody, hellahelen.


 We chatted with a couple of people around us – I’ve come to realize that the nice thing about knitters, you always have an opening line to a conversation “what are you knitting?” or “what yarn/pattern is that?”   I’m terrible at names, but we met some lovely people, including someone we converted to the knittyboards (hi trtlgrl) and very adorable Daniel from Abundant Yarns, who complimented me on my sweater (it’s the cardi I made a year & half ago) and gave us coupons to Abundant Yarns, which was just remodeled (honestly, the only reason I remembered his name is because he was on the Yarn Harlot’s blog post for the event).


Then it was time for Stephanie:

(while waiting to be introduced…I don’t think the poor Powell’s guy was really expecting this – especially when the crowd corrected him on the blog address – .ca vs .com)

(durring the talk…stupid post in my way)

Unfortunately we were pretty far back, so even with my fabulous camera, the photos didn’t turn out the best.  Safe to say, she was hysterically funny (I enjoyed her asking “Who had a difficult time explaining to friends and family what you were doing tonight?”, especially since I had difficulties explaining to CoffeeBoy what I was doing that night (“oh, I’m going to go meet some girls from the knitting internet board I read, then we’re going to go see an author talking about knitting.”)

We decided not to stick around for the signing – even though I had brought all my books with me.  It was just too hot & crowded in there, so we said our goodbyes.  I had such a lovely time, this was the first time I’ve ever been around a bunch of knitters (only been to one knit night, but it was coworkers who knit once in awhile). I can’t wait until Black Sheep to hang out with them again!  I’m actually going on Friday with my mom but plan on meeting the knitty girls on Saturday.

Oh and I finished my sock while I was there:


 I finished right at the end of Stephanie’s talk…but I didn’t bring my needle to sew it up.

Another funny thing about that night…apparently CoffeeBoy’s coworker’s girlfriend is a knitter and she went to the talk as well…but we hadn’t been introduced, so I didn’t see her there.  When the coworker told CoffeeBoy about his girlfriend getting into knitting, he replied “Just watch out…soon she’ll be knitting all the time and have yarn spread out all over and start getting packages in the mail with yarn and have you send packages of more yarn all over the world.”  Heh.

I have a lot more to post (including a FO), but it’s almost time for the Sopranos (last one – eeee!).  They’ve pretty much killed off all my favourites so it’ll be interesting to see how it wraps up. (I won’t give anything away for those waiting, but one favourite was killed a couple of weeks back and one pretty much was last week).  I’ve been betting with folks at work on a Tony death but AJ having something to do with it…so we’ll see if I’m right