Well, I managed to finish it in time. I’m not that happy with it (except for the spider), but that’s what I get for putting it off & then rushing through it. As a wise man said ” You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles.” (That’s Miracle Max from the Princess Bride by the way – one of my all time favourite movie and book – if you haven’t yet, you MUST read the book.)

Anyway, to the FO

So stats:

Started: June 1 2007 (after frogging the first attempt)

Completed: June 8 2007

Pattern: Punk Rock Backpack from Stitch N’ Bitch – with lots of modifications

Yarn: Lion Cotton – skein & half of Black, small amount of Red

Needles: Size 6US for front & back, Size 9 for sides & straps (yarn held double)

Notes: oh boy, so many mods to that pattern that I hesitate to say I used it. First the most notable difference, the spider which I talked about in the post below. I love the way he turned out. (that’s actually the only thing I love). Next mod – yarn. I decided to use a cotton for it since this is for a 5 year old boy who will most like use this bag on his “adventure missions” (which translates to playing in the dirt & mud) and I thought my sister would appreciate something that can easily be washed. Well, it was a pain to knit with, especially when I had the bright idea of holding it double for the bottom & sides (“It’ll go faster! It’ll be more durable!”). Ouch. Next, I ended up picking up stitches for the sides rather than knitting a 44 inch strip of garter. I almost gave up on the bag until I thought of that. Yah for idea, but I didn’t execute it well when I sewed the front to it, especially on the top. The second piece of the front ended up being a little larger – so that’s why it’s all misshapen. Sigh. Straps again were knit with the yarn double held instead of sewing them together – but unfortunately they curl in anyway. Zipper was put in with liquid stitch -which is why it looks terrible (I decided that I just wanted it in to give it to him, then my mom can sew the zipper in at a later time).

Not my finest FO. But it holds the nephew’s stuff well

His other presents – I thought the sticky spider would annoy my sister the most. (I love being an aunt – I base a lot of gifts on “what will annoy my sister & BIL?” – anything noisy or sticky.)

I couldn’t leave the other nieces & nephew out though -especially since I already had a book for the older niece – the adorable little girl a few posts back. I read Fablehaven & thought she would enjoy it too. So I picked up a little something for the babies.

If you have not seen Ollie the Stomper, go check it out now. So adorable. I’ve never heard of Nova the Robot but I figured my little nephew would enjoy the toy robot that came with it.

Now that I am free of the Doom bag, I can work on my socks or cardi again! I’m going to miss out on KiP day tomorrow – I really wanted to go to Close-Knit because they are having a super gathering, but I couldn’t do that to the nephew. At least I get to see Yarn Harlot tonight though, maybe meet up with a couple of Knittyheads. Should be a good time – much better than the Rose Festival and Fleet Week that is also going on. And how silly are Portlanders sometimes. Read what is going on with the parade tomorrow. I feel that it is ridiculous that people tape off sections of the sidewalk (I also think sleeping on the streets for a good spot is dumb too. Yes I have witnessed this.) for a Parade but it’s getting a bit out of hand. *shrug*. Oh well. This is the first year I’m not working or living downtown on parade day & I couldn’t be more thankful.

Hey, maybe I should have taped off a seat at Powells for the Yarn Harlot tonight. Heh. I would LOVE to see what Powells would say about that.