So in my last post I talked about my WiPs.  Well I’m the worst aunt ever.  I forgot about my nephews Spidy backpack.  And his birthday party is Saturday!  Bad aunt!

I had to frog what I had knitted before because of the “Stacey can’t purl” problem.

 But I finished the back and nearly the front over the weekend.  I’m still not sure if I can finish it by Saturday – but I hope to have it least have it done & beg my mom to help with the lining & the zipper.

CoffeeBoy actually reminded me of the backpack…because he helped me draw up the pattern.

 I am not an expert on Spiderman, so I had to ask for advice.  He was happy to help.  He was less amused by me pulling out my knitting when we went to see Pirates 3 over the weekend.  I’m glad I had it though – I loved the first one, the second was not so good, and the third was a bit better, mostly because of Geoffery Rush, whom I adore.  Knitting helped me get through the borring bits.

Okay, back to knitting.