To show I’m not just playing with my camera 24/7 but also doing some knitting…here are the items I decided are my WiPs (unlike the long list of UFOs at the right.)

First up, Cables & Os from No Sheep For You. This is what I’ve been working on all this week – not that you can tell. There’s nearly 300 stitches in each row & I’m knitting on size 4US needles…so it’s taking awhile

I love this pattern though – it take concentration but well worth it. And I love my stitch markers from Amanda! This is my first major cabling job and I love how it’s turning out.

It’s a little blury, but you can see the cables. My “Os” are not showing up though…hmmm.

Next we have the DreamSwatch I started. I work on it when I don’t have much time at home, but still want to knit (like when I’m waiting for CoffeeBoy to get up)

Pretty! Another first for me – that wacky stitch pattern. Again, it takes some concentration.

One that does not are my ankle socks.

But that does not mean I’m much farther on them than I was a week ago. I’ve been working on these when I’m away from home – a row here & there. I want to finish them!

I also want to start my sockapalooza socks…but I want to find the perfect yarn for my buddy. I’m also in a Harry Potter Swap from the Knitty boards…I’m so excited! So much fun, I’m having fun picking out things for my pal…it’s nice working where I have access to all things Harry. Only a month until the new book!! Well, 6 weeks.

We went to Last Thursday last night…it’s a big street fair on (logically enough) the last Thursday of every months. It’s mostly arts & crafts for sale, lots of street performers, and Saturday Market/Swap meet type booths. Great food too. It’s really fun, but last night it was packed. It’s funny, I love it, but I hardly ever buy anything…well last night I bought a headband from Crafty who has an etsy shop. She was really sweet & I love my headband! Of course I could made one myself if I ever set up my sewing machine, but really, I like supporting my fellow craftsters.

Today might be a day up at the gorge….it supose to be a trip to the beach, but I’m thinking something closer in would be better. Plus, I can convince CoffeeBoy to drive.

Speaking of, I have to leave you all with a fun photo.


Look! My very own Fabio!